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Bank with Confidence

The nitty gritty of banking for personal finances, business or institutions can be a little overwhelming. All the paperwork and complex lingo can be no fun. That's why it's a great idea to find a financial institution that can help you work through all kinds of money matters with ease. The Australia and New Zealand Banking group (ANZ) is the old hand you should trust. Standing on a rock-solid foundation of 180 years and counting, this financial organisation has earned its rightful spot as Australia's foremost institutional bank. The A to Z of Banking is basically in store for you at ANZ. You'll have unrivaled support, whether in-bank, online or internet banking. If you are looking to ditch splurging for saving, then you've happened on the right article.

Stay Updated

Like the buzz of banking halls, the world of finance is awash with ever changing figures, deals, rates, waivers and offers. You won't have to dig through the pile. That's our job at 1Catalogue. We'll keep you updated on all the latest information from ANZ. Simply subscribe and have us help you build your finances.

Little Drops of Water

Got a few dollars here and there? Wondering how to make the most of what you have? Save with ANZ. ANZ is here to support your commitment to save. Find your fit. You'll get to make online and offline transactions, save cash and enjoy interest accrued. By opening the right kind of ANZ account as applicable, you can be rewarded with interest or bonus interest for even lower savings such as $10. The ANZ Progress Saver Account would be a great choice in this regard. With this account type, application is fuss-free and over in minutes. There's a base interest of 0.01% P.A. Get saving! When you've opened the account, it's next level to earn bonus interest. All you've got to do is make an initial deposit of at least $10. Let it sit in the account untouched for a one-month period. This qualifies you for a 0.19% p.a bonus interest, bringing you to a total of 0.20% p.a. Other perks? The Progress Saver Account is great for Kids Accounts so catch them young. There are no fees charged for transactions carried out via the ANZ app or internet banking. You'll also enjoy Saver Plus when you qualify. Any customer who hits the $500 mark, will matched with education related expenses for themselves or their children.

Here to Help

ANZ encourages you to reach out if you're struggling with finances at the moment. This institution not only helps you plan better, they offer tangible options to bank on while you recover.

Own a Home

If you've toyed with the idea of owning your very own humble abode, then get right into it. If you've found the paperwork off-putting in the past, don't fret. ANZ offers are crisp and straight to the point. You'll know exactly what you are signing up for. ANZ rates are aptly described as fair so you stand a pretty decent chance. ANZ demonstrates that one size does not fit all. Home loans rates are fixed, standard variable or ANZ Simplicity Plus. With the first option, you can apply to fix the rather fluid home loan interest rates for a 90-day period. Interest is at 2.59% p.a for owner-occupied and 2.89% p.a for investment loans. You'll be charged $750 for every $1 million lent. ANZ Standard Variable home loans come at an interest rate of $2.29% p.a for owner-occupied. If you are trying to access less than 80% of the cost of an owner-occupied loan, then the special interest rates offered by the ANZ Simplicity Plus package may be of interest. There are even more special home loan offers. Take advantage of your Loan to Value Ratio (LVR). This is the basically the value of what you're asking for weighed against what the property actually costs. If this is 80% or under, you'll qualify for discounted interest rates on your loan. Every dollar counts so don't miss this chance. Any extra clarification you need to help you through will be provided by ANZ. If you're buying your very first home over $250,000, ANZ offers a first home buyer conveyancing. This package will walk you through the often-confusing legal and paperwork. The last of these specials is the ANZ break-free package. If you combine this with your home loans, you stand a chance to get discounts on eligible loans, loan fee waivers, transaction account fee waivers and other perks.