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Pizza Hut Catalogue

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Delicious Food Every Time Every Day

Never mind the name, a visit to Hungry Jack's – in-store or online – is a surefire way of fixing your hunger. If you've got a big appetite, Hungry Jack's is the perfect place for you to be. From great-tasting coffee to perfectly cook patties, crispy chips, and lots more, you're in for a treat whenever you visit the fast-food restaurant. While the food at Hungry Jack’s is exquisite, it's not the only thing you have to look forward to here. The price list is very reasonable for the size and quality of food you're getting. Also, the brand makes it a point to make your experience with them memorable. That's why you can expect great offers, deals, price cuts, and lots more here. To find these Hungry Jack’s offers, check out their online catalogue available at 1Catalogue.

As Much Fast Food As You Can Eat, But Cheaper!

With Hungry Jack's online catalogue, this statement rings true on every level. Browse through this catalogue and be treated to a special Hungry Jack's menu. Unlike the regular menu, prices are discounted here and there are a ton of offers available for you to grab. Grab as many offers as you want and use them on your next trip to Hungry Jack's. You could also simply order something online, the deals on this catalogue work either way. At 1Catalogue, we've got the latest Hungry Jack’s catalogue with all the best specials for you. Enjoy your fast food experience with Hungry Jack’s by buying food while saving money with the online catalogue.

Vouchers and Coupons from Hungry Jack’s

You can save even more money or order more items if you've got coupons and voucher codes to use here. With vouchers and coupons, you just have to find the right ones. At 1Catalogue, you can find valid Hungry Jack’s vouchers and coupons. You can apply them online when you're buying food from the brand or take them to your closest Hungry Jack’s location.

Hungry Much? Hungry Jack’s is Here for You!

What are you in the mood for? Fast-food perhaps. You're not alone. Every week, Hungry Jack’s serves over 1.6 million hungry Australians. They must be doing something right! It's all in the Hungry Jack’s menu. This menu can best be described as all-encompassing. It really doesn't matter what you're craving, you’ll find it here. You can start with breakfast, it is, after all, the most important meal of the day. No one ever said it has to be boring. A barbecue brekky wrap certainly sounds interesting. You could also do pancakes, muffins, and lots more. The Whopper category features an all-you-can-eat beef buffet. Burgers here are super popular and for good reason. They’re beefy, cheesy, spicy, and delicious! You could also get your fill of chicken burgers, wraps, desserts, and other snacks. At the Jack’s Café, coffee, of all kinds is a specialty. Then there's hot chocolate, iced chocolate, and some tea to choose from. Save some money when you shop from the bundle meals available here. You and your friends can share in these deals to get the most of your money. Don't forget to use the Hungry Jack’s catalogue. It truly is the easiest way to save money at Hungry Jack’s. Visit our website at now to view the latest Hungry Jack’s catalogue and all the juicy offers on it.

The Hungry Jack’s App

The hungry Jack app is one fast food app you should have. There are exclusive app deals you will miss out on if you don't use the app. Also take advantage of the exclusive app member benefits here. There’s also the Reward Voucher of the Week you could use at Hungry Jack’s. You can find it on the Hungry Jack’s app to redeem in-store. It's a pretty good deal! You get to save some money and get more stuff than you would otherwise get without it. While the Hungry Jack's catalogue is an online brochure, you can still use paper vouchers for this brand. All you have to do is download the Hungry Jack’s voucher. You can cut it out to redeem in any Hungry Jack’s restaurant. There are also a ton of other perks you could enjoy by becoming a Hungry Jack’s member such as pre-order pickup, daily Shakes & Wins, and lots more.

Finding a Hungry Jack’s Store

There are 400 Hungry Jack’s restaurants in Australia. You can find store locations on the Hungry Jack’s website or use the store locator to find your nearest restaurants. There's bound to be a few near you. Eating in a fast food restaurant is a classic way of hanging out with friends and family. The Hungry Jack’s restaurants offer that feeling with the smell of delicious food wafting into your nose. This experience only gets better when you get to save money and still enjoy the delicious food. Use Hungry Jack's online catalogue to make this happen. Visit 1Catalogue, then subscribe to receive the latest Hungry Jack's catalogue and any subsequently released ones.

About Hungry Jacks

Hungry Jack's Pty Limited is an Australian franchise that sells fast food, and it is a subsidiary of The Competitive Foods of Australia organisation.
Hungry Jack's has approximately 400 restaurants located across the country, and it is privately owned by Jack Cowin. The organisation - Hungry Jack's Pty Ltd - owns, manages, operates, and sub-licences, the entire Hungry Jack’s, and Burger King restaurant stores throughout Australia.

Hungry Jack's is a proud company with over 50 years of successful business operational history. Their restaurants serve consumers in every major population centre in Australia, and on average, they will serve more than 1.6 million customers each week, and they will prepare and cook more than 130 million beef patties every year.

Cowin chose the brand name "Hungry Jack", based on an existing American pancake product mixture, and changed the name slightly by adding an apostrophe and "s" to create the new brand name - "Hungry Jack's".

The very first Burger King Australian franchise was founded in Innaloo, Perth, in 1971. Within ten years of being in business, Cowin's Hungry Jack's stores had expanded to over 25 stores located in three states.

Hungry Jack’s proudly employs over 18,000 Australians across all of their restaurants. Every employee - from the casual/ part-time and often youthful crew members to the most senior divisional and regional managers - they all share what Hungry Jack’s calls its unique work culture or DNA - which is the ability to work hard for their customers and with a genuine smile every day.