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Koorong catalogues

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Feed Your Faith

What’s in a name? There's a whole lot. No, this is not related to anything like Kangaroos or pouches. The Koorong concept is one for the books. Just like the Bible story collections, you’ll find in this store, there’s a lot of depth behind the choice of name. This 40-year-old brainchild of the Bible Society of Australia is as authentic as it gets. Koorong stocks Christian bibles, books, music, movies and gifts. If you’re ready for modern ‘spiritual milk’, it’s time to feed your faith with Koorong. For starters, it may have been a hassle finding Christian content that is as enriching as they are entertaining. Here you have found an oasis in the desert. A place of rest. True to the meaning behind the brand name, Koorong has created a satisfying experience both online and in-store. Don't know how to begin? See the catalogues here.

Food for the Soul: Stay Edified with 1Catalogue

Nothing is hiding under a bushel. At 1Catalogue, we’ll bring the latest online catalogues to your device screen. As expected, if the Word is life for you, then you’ll need to hear the standard for all spheres of your life – family, marriage, business and everything in between. This is where we come in at 1Catalogue. You’ll find both old and new online catalogues from Koorong. Browsing through can take a considerable chunk off your decision-making time. There’s a title for every season of life. If you’re healing from loss or struggling with the principles of Christian parenting, the answers to your burgeoning questions are here. It's not all about improving yourself here. Looking to give impactful gifts to a fellow Christian faithful? The gifts section has colouring cards, gift cards, cutting boards and plaques that make a difference.

Come as You Are

As a brand, Koorong is deeply rooted in the Christian faith and a lot of this is reflected in the business structure. Whether you are a budding or devout Christian, you’ll find the right kind of content to keep you rock-solid on the journey. Here’s the tricky part. A good hardcover Christian book may cost as much as $100. To take care of this, Koorong items are also segregated by prices in the store from $20 upwards. If you’re not exactly buoyant, there’s no need to shy away. The first step is to browse catalogues here to make this so much easier.

Join the Fellowship of the Buy-Thren

Be equally yoked with the dedicated Koorong members. There’s a string of benefits to explore. To begin, simply create take a Koorong account by providing your full name, and email address and creating a password. When this is done, your experience will be adorned with ‘extra oil’ in the form of discounts, coupons, easy online orders and free returns. Make this even more unique by setting your account preferences.

The Gift of Growth

Birthdays are a big deal at Koorong. What better way to grow old than to grow in the faith? Registered members receive a special package as long as they have supplied their birthday details correctly.

An Earthly Reward

Your Christian goals are possibly to press towards the mark, spend the rest of eternity with the Saints and reap heavenly rewards. What if we told you that you could enjoy some rewards here on earth? To begin with, every spend at Koorong earns you reward points. When you have gathered 300 ‘talents’, you’ll receive a thank you $10 reward coupon. $1 equals one point, so do the math.

Share the Word

There’s another way to earn extra cash and savings. Write a review on any Koorong product. It’s a two-pronged reward. Not only do you help other shoppers make smarter choices, but you may also earn as much as 300 points if your review is published. Take the chance, get ready, get writing!

Reap the Harvest

You know what they say about reaping and sowing. For taking the time to locate one and shopping in-store, you get a 10% discount if you spend $250 or more. Bear in mind that this applies when you pay from your account and works independently of other promotions.

A Little Sleep, A Little Slumber

…and the offers slip past you. Like the gems in Proverbs admonish, prudence is a huge part of the Koorong experience. At 1Catalogue, you’ll find special time-bound catalogues. Everyone wants a bit, so it is best to shop before stock runs out. Sign up to 1Catalogue and enjoy first-hand details. Storewide and website sales help you save a great deal too.