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For the Sports Enthusiasts

Are you an athlete or just a super active person? When it comes to sports, part of being “sporty” is looking the part. On that front, Amart Sports has got you got fully covered. They’ve got sports stuff for men, women, and kids. And by ‘sports stuff’, we mean footwear, clothing, fitness gear, tech, and just about anything you need for football, basketball, netball, and even sports leisure. A True Sportsperson’s Paradise.

Save Money

Looking the part shouldn't cost you an arm or a leg. While most high-quality sports apparel tends to cost quite a bit, Amart Sports has got you covered. You just have to know where to look. It doesn't get any better than our catalogue. At 1Catalogue, you will find the latest catalogue specials and offers from Amart Sports or Rebel Sport – the brand’s new name. This is definitely good news for you. Considering how there are products from brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and lots more available at Rebel Sport, you’ll need all the help you can get to make the best of your shopping. Trust 1Catalogue’s fully stocked catalogue to give you all that and more. All items and products at highly discounted prices are available in this catalogue. With all these amazing brands offering some pretty sweet products at Rebel Sport, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Rebel Sport sales events are super popular among shoppers. Not to worry, we'll make sure you are among the first to see all the amazing deals from the store. All you have to do is subscribe to 1Catalogue and you can rest assured of not missing out on any of these sweet deals. With so many items on sale, by the time you're done perusing the pages of our Rebel Sport catalogue, you'll be ready for the Olympics – at least in looks. For amazing Rebel Sport discounts and more, be sure to check out the catalogue.

Save Your Time

What is it they say about time being money? That’s pretty accurate. You shouldn't waste your time shopping when there's an easier and faster way to do it. Rebel Sport’s Click-and-Collect allows you to cut down on your shopping time significantly. All you have to do is shop online and select pick up in-store as your delivery option. You can pick up your items from the store with the item in stock closest to you. This also greatly minimises the chances of your preferred item selling out before you get to make your purchase. Sounds pretty good however way you choose to look at it.

Save the Planet

Most stores catalogues are frequently updated. If you want to save on your shopping, you’ll have to use a lot of these catalogues. That translates to a lot of paper, a lot of trees cut down, and not-so-great news for the planet. Fortunately, an online catalogue such as that from 1Catalogue not only lets you stay on top of the latest shopping deals from Rebel Sport, it also helps to reduce paper waste. So, you get to save money and the planet by using our catalogue for your Rebel Sport shopping. Now, that’s a touchdown!

A Great Way to Start Your Sporting Experience

It doesn't matter if you’re shopping for your kid’s Junior League game or if you're in to make a true lifestyle adjustment, Rebel Sport has got what you need. From sports gear and apparatus to exercise equipment and everything you need to ensure your wardrobe is the right fit. You need most of these for a healthier lifestyle. That's why we’ve gone out and sourced the best deals and offers from Rebel Sport. Not just sourced – ARE constantly sourcing. Any discount code, coupon, and other promotion/offer from Rebel Sport can be found at 1Catalogue. This isn't just about the weekly catalogues. We also gather all exclusive discounts at Rebel Sport during massive sales events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You get to shop as much as you want and still save a lot of money. That’s all-around goodness in our books.

Share the Joy

That good old Rebel joy. We’re certain your friends and loved ones will appreciate that. The same goes for you. Some people are just hard to give gifts. It’s easier but still very thoughtful if you give them a gift card instead. The Rebel Sport gift card is particularly good because of how much great stuff they could pick up with it. At Rebel Sport, you've got two great routes to take here. First, you could go for an eGift Card. This card will be sent via email so you or your friend can print and get started shopping. Then, there's the Grab & Load. Simply pick the gift card from your local Rebel Sport’s Grab & Load range. You can take it home and pay online later to activate it. With a maximum of $250, you, your friends, and your loved ones will be in for an amazing shopping experience.

1Catalogue – Making Your Life Easier

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About Amart Sports

Amart Sports is an Australian sports gear and related garment and apparel chain store, which forms part of the Super Retail Group, which also owns the well-known brand - Rebel Sport, Super-cheap Auto, and numerous other retail brands.

Amart Sports was founded back in 1976 by two schoolboy friends who had a passion for sports, sports equipment, and sporting teams. The very first store was launched in Underwood, Queensland. Since those humble beginnings, the Amart Sports business steadily grew, and expanded throughout Australia to comprise over 65 stores - predominantly in residential destination centres across Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, and New South Wales. Head office of the entire Amart Sports business was located at Lidcombe in Sydney’s western suburbs.

The Super Retail Group, which also promotes and operates the Rebel Sports brand, obtained the entire Amart Sports business and associated holdings in October 2011.

In June of 2017, the Super Retail Group declared that all of the Amart Sports stores - comprising approximately 70 stores by this stage - would be rebranded to become Rebel Stores towards the end of 2017, therefore expanding the entire Rebel brand's nationwide retail footprint to nearly 170 stores throughout Australia. The Amart Sports brand was formally and officially suspended as of November 2017.