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A lot of Amazing Items for You

What comes to mind when you hear The Reject Shop? A rundown warehouse filled with old stuff? Perhaps, but only if you don't live in Australia. The Reject Shop is a household name in Australia. It’s named so because back in 1981 when the store opened, they sold second hand and discontinued wares. Now, this store stocks high-quality products and unique items at highly reasonable prices. Besides, with a vision to “Help all Australians save money every day”, you can see why they're so popular. The company is dedicated to offering customers the lowest prices on a wide variety of products by working closely with suppliers. You can find the complete collection of all products from this company on their catalogue.

The Reject Catalogue

Again, not what it sounds like. We mean this in a good way. The Reject Shop Catalogue is not one you want to miss out on. Shop a wide range of essential items perfect for you and your family. The company has numerous warehouse sale stores that sell all these products and more at the best prices. This catalogue – available at 1Catalogue – is the ultimate shopping weapon here. A few catalogues are released each month for you to shop to your heart's content. Enjoy all the exciting offers and super low prices this catalogue features. Subscribe to our catalogue now so you get started on all the fun.

Enjoy Lots of Items at The Reject Shop

Just in case you're wondering exactly what The Reject Shop sells, well, an even better question would be what don’t they sell?! You can find items in the following categories – Groceries, Home & Garden, Health, Pets, Craft & Stationery, Gifts, Toys & Party, Electricals, Fitness, and Travel. Just about everything from hair care to fragrances and even phones and air-conditioners is available here. There are also so many brands partnered with The Reject Shop to bring you all the great products they offer. A few popular brands here are L’Oreal, Cadbury, Nivea, Pepsi, and just recently, Tesco. Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Now you can shop for your favourite British goods, from biscuits to soups and lots more. It also helps greatly that the partnership between these brands and The Reject Shop is so wholesome that The Reject Shop gets products at the best prices. Good news for you. The online catalogue at 1Catalogue can help you maximize your shopping here, so, be sure to check it out.

Discounts for All

We’ve mentioned how cheap things at The Reject Shop are. No surprise there, considering that it's a Discount Store. Check out the website or search online for discount codes and other promotional offers. Of course, the catalogue comes in handy here. Once you find items you'd like to shop for, you can visit any one of their 356 shop locations in Australia to purchase them. Despite having already low prices, The Reject Shop also has regular sales events. Keep an eye on the online catalogue for these sales. You can’t miss them, not with those incredibly low prices they feature.

Themed Sales are the Best Kinds of Sales!

Don't we all know it? At The Reject Shop, catalogues always come in special themes focusing on relevant items. For instance, you could find a Tesco catalogue for some of your British needs. If you think that sounds amazing, wait till the holiday season. The Reject Shop rolls out holiday-themed catalogues for all your holiday shopping needs. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on any of these. Sign up to 1Catalogue’s newsletter and be among the first to see all the latest catalogues from The Reject Shop.

Clearance Sales at The Reject Shop

Leave it to The Reject Shop to provide another way for customers to access their goods at even lower prices. You could wait till clearance sales to buy and try out new products from The Reject Shop. Try out as many as possible. You’re paying next to nothing for them. You could find your next obsession here. During The Reject Shop clearance sales, several products are put up for sale at unbelievably low prices while stock lasts. That means you have to hurry and buy them before they run out of stock and the restocked products return to regular prices.

Unbeatable Prices

How does one even begin to compete with a discount store that goes out of its way to lower prices even further? That's one tough nut to crack. Fortunately, it's good news for The Reject Shop customers. If you doubt their prices are truly the lowest, then check out their lowest price guarantee. On the odd occasion that you ever find a cheaper price for a product, The Reject Shop offers to beat this price by 10%. Talk about confidence! You can check out The Reject Shop website for more information on their price match.

Order Online from The Reject Shop

The reject shop is mostly an offline store with several stores in Australia. However, they understand the need most people have for online shopping and have partnered exclusively with DoorDash to offer you online same-day delivery and pick-up on a wide selection of items. The Reject Shop does it all. To enjoy all this store has to offer, visit 1Catalogue and subscribe for instant access to the latest online catalogue from The Reject Shop.

About The Reject Shop

The Reject Shop Ltd. is an Australian variety and discount retail store chain that sells an assortment of goods such as food, meals, health items, gift cards, beauty treatments, cleansing supplies, storage, kitchenware, homewares, and periodic seasonal items in over 350 shops placed across Australia.

The Reject Shop was originally established in 1979 by John Shuster, Ron Hall. Nowadays, The Reject Shop employs approximately 5,000 employees.

The very first store started in South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria in 1980. This shop sold both second-hand items and discontinued ranges, hence The Reject Shop name was born.

Since 1994, the retail chain, previously owned by the Macquarie Bank, was floated on the Australian Stock Exchange in July 2004. It was shortly before this that the Macquarie Bank had decided to offload all of its shares in the company. The initial public offering was remarkably successful, with the corporation almost tripling in size three years after going public.

The Reject Shop also stocks some high-quality privately-owned brands, and sells goods and products from a few of Australia's most esteemed labels, including Dynamo, Cadbury, Nivea, L'Oreal, Finish, Omo, Pepsi, and Carmen's. Regardless of what items they stock, it is all with one single objective in mind - to help and support all Australians to save money.

For the financial year ending June 2020, The Reject Shop financially reported an increased sales of over AUD 850 million. In September 2020, the company formally announced a business partnership with the British supermarket retail giant Tesco.

Nowadays, The Reject Shop is focusing on working and collaborating closely with their preferred suppliers so as to proffer their shoppers with the lowest prices on all basic, essential items and general merchandise.