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Catch a Wave…or 2

When it comes to surfing, Australians are among the best at it and they sure know how to look good doing it. On that note, a huge shout-out goes to Billabong – the brand responsible for creating what is probably the most durable board shorts in the country. At Billabong, you can choose from a wide selection of men and women's surf and beach clothing at affordable prices. Best believe that the quality of these outfits and the prices you're getting for them are the best you could find. To save even more money shopping at Billabong, be sure to use the online catalogue available at 1Catalogue.

Go for Casual at Billabong

"Beach, Surf, Waves", nothing sounds more relaxing than these. Billabong has got you covered when it comes to casual looks perfect for most outdoor locations. If you're looking for board shorts, tees, wet suits, and such, check out Billabong for an amazing selection. There are also a variety of accessories including backpacks, wallets, belts, towels, and other beach or surf accessories available here. If you're looking for a way to enjoy the amazing Australian beaches, you'll need to have Billabong in your corner to get started. Easily navigate this brand and save yourself precious dollars by shopping with the Billabong online catalogue. Visit 1Catalogue now and subscribe to have the latest Billabong catalogue sent straight to your inbox.

Receive Discounts from Billabong with the Online Catalogue

No one is averse to saving money, especially on items that are well worth the original price. Billabong is known for using the best materials to make its products. The prices are highly reasonable and you can save even more money by shopping with the online catalogue. At 1Catalogue, we have all the latest and valid Billabong catalogues featuring the best deals and offers from the brand. These products are all available online with lots of discounts for you to enjoy. On the online catalogue, you're not only going to see these discounts and offers, but you're also likely to get other information on the store such as opening hours and location.

Seasons’ Specials – Shop the Trendiest Season-Appropriate Looks from Billabong Catalogue

Billabong isn't a generic beachwear or surfer store. The brand knows how to make a statement. Look Spring-ready by selecting looks from the Billabong spring catalogue. The same goes for other seasons. Get the best looks for every season or occasion at the best possible prices. Whatever the season, you can rest assured of finding the complete catalogue at 1Catalogue. Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll notify you whenever there's a new catalogue from Billabong.

Lots of Items on Sale at Billabong

Billabong sales are simply amazing. It's not just one or two items in one category that are being put up for sale here. Expect just about every product from the brand in all categories. You could find sandals, bralette bikinis, beach dresses, tops, t-shirts, hats, and lots more on sale at Billabong. And when we say on sale, we mean sometimes up to half price discounts! Don’t ever miss out on any of Billabong sales. It's an amazing opportunity to save some extra cash. Be the first to know about any of Billabong’s sales by subscribing to 1Catalogue. All you have to do is check your inbox for details on the latest Billabong sales.

Share a Wave

Catching a wave in Australia is always exhilarating. It's even more fun when your friends and family get to share that fun with you. Get them on the right track of surfing or just hanging out at the beach with a Billabong gift card. You can purchase the gift card at select retail stores. Find out more information on this from the Billabong online website.

Here's Another Great Idea – Try Couponing!

If you're looking for ways to receive discounts, coupons are sure to pop up more than just a few times in your research. Billabong is nothing if not ready and willing to help you in your quest for discounts. With the right Billabong coupon, you could get as much as 30% off on your order. You could also find coupons codes from Billabong that get you free shipping on your orders. Nothing like free shipping to make a perfect ending to a shopping spree. Fortunately, it's not that hard to find Billabong coupon codes. For free Billabong coupon codes and other promo codes, sign up at 1Catalogue today. We collect only valid promotional codes from Billabong. These and other ways you can receive discounts on your purchase from Billabong are available on the online catalogue here. To save as much money as possible while shopping at Billabong, visit 1Catalogue and sign up for any available Billabong catalogue and subsequently released editions to be sent straight to your inbox.

About Billabong

In 1973, Gordon Merchant founded Billabong in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Initially, Merchant purely designed and created surfer board shorts in the garage at his home, and then sold them to the local surfing shops in the Gold Coast.

The brand name "Billabong" is derived from the Aboriginal Wiradjuri word "bilabaŋ" - which literally translates to as: "the creek that will flow only during the rainy season."

Keen surfers quickly realised the strength and durability of Merchant's board shorts - resulting from his hand-sewn triple-stitching technique. Merchant realised that he could not keep up with demand while working from home, and that he needed to expand to achieve business success. He quickly hired local sewists, and moved to a proper business premise nearby. By the early 1980s, the Billabong board shorts were seen and available throughout all of Australia.

With an established business thriving in Australia, Merchant chose to export his surf-wear products, and Billabong's board shorts became readily available in other countries, including New Zealand, South Africa, and Japan.

The surfing industry grew significantly in the 1990s, and Billabong flourished during this timeframe. The company created its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2000, which immediately provided the company with funds to expand even further.

Nowadays, Billabong International Limited (BIL) is primarily a surfing clothing wear retailer that also produces items such as watches, backpacks, skateboard, and snowboard products. In 2018, BIL was formally acquired by Boardriders, Inc - who also own key rival brand Quiksilver.