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The Perfect Place to Switch up Your Car’s Look

Auto repair is a huge part of owning a vehicle. Finding a good mechanic is key. But even the best mechanic knows when the smart play will be to opt for a replacement rather than a repair. This often leads to another issue – finding the right parts and accessories. It’s a rather tough job finding these for your vehicle or even getting them at a reasonable price. Despair not! Go over to Autobarn and this wouldn't be an issue anymore. It's the top place in Australia for car accessories and the rest. Whatever it is you need for your car, you’ll likely find it at Autobarn or get appropriate help from them. As for the prices, one word – affordable! Beyond that, Autobarn’s got a catalogue that is filled with great deals.

The Autobarn Catalogue – Just What Every Driver Needs

Isn't it obvious? You’ll definitely need some type of accessory, oil, paint, etc, for your car at some point. Why not save some money and get them at the best prices ever? The Autobarn catalogue is filled with sweet deals that will ensure you get a sweet ride out of your car. No one can beat an Autobarn sale. The catalogue features a variety of items at discounted prices. Some of these items include car lights, battery accessories, mirrors, dash cameras, and lots more. It's several pages of mouth-watering automotive deals. To make this process easier for you, come on over to 1Catalogue where you’ll be sure to find the latest catalogue, specials, and offers from Autobarn. Autobarn stores stock several brands such as SAAS, Rhino-Rack, Century, Nulon, Mobil 1 and lots more. Also, it doesn't matter if you know about cars or not. Autobarn will give you all the help you need to make the right choice.

What's the Best Gift for a Driver?

An Autobarn gift card of course! Trust us, whoever you get this gift card for will greatly appreciate it. All Autobarn stores Nationwide sell and redeem gift cards. You can also make it a personalized gift card for your friend. With a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $1,000 (in Aud), the gift card can be yours to give. Don't forget to link the recipients to our website so they can have access to the Autobarn catalogue too. That way, they get to maximize their shopping with this.

Here’s What They Don't Teach You at Driving School…

Couponing! You're probably thinking that it’s got nothing to do with driving. True, but it has a lot to do with shopping for your car accessories. With just a little coupon or the right discount code, you could get as much as 20% or more off Autobarn prices, even from other online stores such as Amazon. You just need to know what code to use or where to find these coupons. You’re in luck. For Autobarn offers, discounts, promotions, coupons, and more, we’ll bring you all the best. Sounds good, yes? There's lots more where that came from. Just check out our Autobarn catalogue.

Join the Autoclub

There's no way we're keeping such information from you. Just in case you don't know about it, the Autobarn Autoclub is one club you want to be a member of. By joining, you get up-to-date news from around the globe through the monthly newsletter. Here’s what you stand to gain – exclusive offers, competition entries, safe driving tips, and a percentage off regular ticket prices. Why don’t you go over to the Autobarn website and sign up to join the Autoclub?

Flexible Shopping Options

Autobarn offers three shopping options that are highly flexible for your convenience. Firstly, you could shop in-store. And with over 135 locations in Australia, you’re sure to find one near you for your automobile needs. To find an Autobarn store near you, you can use the store locator on their website. All you have to do is enter your suburb or postcode and they will pull up the locations for you. Next is “Click and Collect”. At Autobarn, it's all about keeping it simple. Go online, browse through the available products, check out online, and collect your order in store. To answer the question that's probably on your mind, “No, there's no extra charge for these orders”. And the last option – Delivery. Don't we all love this option? In just a day or two, you will get your order (using express delivery) or three to five days (using the standard delivery option). Either way, it’ll save you a lot of time and effort. That's about it here. To get started shopping, visit 1Catalogue for the current Autobarn catalogue and other ways for receiving discounts from this brand.

About Autobarn

Autobarn was founded in 1985 in Victoria, Australia, with the business driver providing specialists in automotive parts and accessories to consumers. The founders believed specialization was required to provide competition to the larger corporate organizations entering the automotive market as side ventures in department stores, service stations, and hardware stores. Autobarn has its headquarters in Albion Park, New South Wales, and with over 100 employees.

Automotive specialization proved so successful that by 1990 the Autobarn group had grown to 28 stores, trading under a consolidated corporate character, and retailing model.

With a business slogan of "We knOw how to get you there," they now operate in more than 135 stores throughout Australia, offering premium full-service retail automotive accessories.

Diversifying the business led to forays into the touring and 4 x 4 off-road market, automotive technologies, and even services on how to build your own working garage and tools with accessories. Every week they offer specials on a range of products, and they have a customer loyalty program called the Autobarn AutoClub, where you can obtain further discounts and prizes.

They have never strayed from what made them initially successful by providing expert auto advice with a friendly customer-first service approach. Potential franchisee opportunists are carefully screened with this business mantra in mind to ensure that the Autobarn brand will always be adhered to.

In 2012, Autobarn was bought by Metcash, but in June 2015, Autobarn was sold to the Burson Group Ltd, which are Australia's trade specialist wholesalers and distributors for aftermarket car parts. Autobarn remains Australian-owned and operated.