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The Ultimate Roast Chicken to Satisfy Your Cravings

Red Rooster is a favourite of Australians when it comes to fast food-style roast chicken. As a specialty of theirs, the brand rolls out mouth-watering chicken dishes with the perfect sides and drinks to go with. Get a satisfying meal from Red Rooster at very reasonable prices. In true fast food spirit, you can purchase your preferred style of roast chicken as well as a side, drink, and even a dessert at incredibly low prices. Use the Red Rooster online catalogue to ensure you save as much money as possible here. You can find the latest catalogue from this restaurant at 1Catalogue.

Juicy Chicken, Juicy Deal!

Is there a more beloved combination? The opportunity to get all the things chicken meals you want for a fraction of the price is a pretty awesome deal. To get your hands on such offers, all you need is the Red Rooster online catalogue. This catalogue features every offer or special available at Red Rooster. As a brand, Red Rooster is popular for having tasty food at low prices that always results in great value for your money. It's even cheaper when you use a Red Rooster deal that gives you extra discounts. All deals, specials, and offers from this restaurant can be found on the online catalogue. Want to bite into the perfect chicken today? Go ahead and check out the Red Rooster catalogue to get started. You can find the latest one at 1Catalogue.

Delicious Selection of Chicken Meals at Red Rooster

You might want to get ready for this next part. It's all about the Red Rooster menu. There's roast chicken, fried chicken, buttermilk wings, and chicken pops. To maximize your time at the restaurant, you should go for one of the numerous Red Rooster deals. You could get a pack of shared meals, chicken combos, or one of Red Rooster’s incredible boxes. If you're in the mood for burgers, rolls, and wraps, they’re all there too. A wide selection of sides and snacks including sweet potatoes, crunchy potatoes, onion rings, nuggets, chips, plus a variety of dipping sauces are available here. Also, choose a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth from the Red Rooster menu. The best part – all these and more at Red Rooster come at incredibly low prices. Check out the catalogue for more information.

Red Rooster Deals for You

One of the best ways to receive discounts from Red Rooster is to search online for deals and promos from the brand. However, you might not always be lucky to find valid promos. We can help you out with this. At 1Catalogue, we make sure to keep up with the latest Red Rooster promotional offers. Our Red Rooster catalogue page is regularly updated with vouchers, coupons, and other deals to help you order all the chicken meals you can eat while receiving discounts. 1Catalogue is updated daily so you can check for any updates on Red Rooster discounts. You could also just subscribe and have the latest catalogue from the brand sent straight to your inbox.

Find valid Red Rooster vouchers

Vouchers, coupon codes, and other promotional offers are great. They come in handy when you’re looking for ways to shave some dollars off your purchase. Use Red Rooster promo codes to bring a huge chicken meal within your budget without having to hunt for cheaper meals that are probably not as good. At 1Catalogue, we’ll make this easier for you by gathering all Red Rooster promo codes in one place. You just have to keep checking our website for these or subscribe and have them sent straight to your inbox.

Red Royalty – More Perks for You

The Red Rooster Loyalty Program – Red Royalty – is a great way to get some of those vouchers that can help you save money. Go ahead and join the club to start enjoying all the member benefits. These include free vouchers, free food, and other exclusive rewards. Highly recommended!

The Best Gift You Can Give

Turns out you don't have to worry so much about the perfect gift to give. We are sure lots of people would appreciate a chicken meal, be it roast chicken, fried chicken, chicken and chips, and others. Send your friend a Red Rooster gift card for lunch or any other occasion. With the Red Rooster e-gift card, you can give a thoughtful gift with way more convenience and ease. Giving someone this gift card is one part. Another very important part is getting them a Red Rooster catalogue to go with it. With this online catalogue, they can easily choose the perfect meal or combo at the best prices.

Simplify Your Fast-Food Moments with Red Rooster’s Online Catalogue

It's common to see people stuck on the menu at a fast-food for half their time there. They are likely trying to figure out what meal to go for and how to get the most value for their money. Save yourself the stress of having to rifle through the menu endlessly. Narrow down your search, satisfy your chicken craving, and eat till you’re full, all without spending too much. Sounds unbelievable, right? It's not! An online catalogue from Red Rooster is all you need. Join our mailing list at 1Catalogue to be among the first to receive every new catalogue from the restaurant. You’ll also get to enjoy extras such as special offers, branded discount codes, and lots more. Visit 1Catalogue now and subscribe to get started.

About Red Rooster

Red Rooster Foods Pty Ltd is a fast-food Australian restaurant retail chain that specialises in selling roast chicken food items. Their product range includes wraps, whole roasts, burgers, half roasts, salads, desserts, and beverages. Red Rooster Foods Pty Ltd is owned and managed by its parent company Craveable Brands. Craveable Brands also own Chicken Treat and Oporto.

Red Rooster was originally founded back in 1972 in Kelmscott, southwestern Perth, Western Australia. The business proved popular with consumers, and continued growth expanded into franchising which commenced in 1979.

In late 2011, Red Rooster commenced changing their menu to include healthier options, promoting new, fresh, yet quick options. Not long after, Red Rooster deployed an intensive brand and image change, and they introduced its new brand, labelled "Tender Loving Chicken".

Red Rooster founded their home delivery quick-service channel with the distribution choice proving extremely successful with customers since its launch in 2014. Red Rooster is committed to in-home delivery by expanding its services beyond its store-managed delivery systems, including Deliveroo, Menulog, Uber Eats, and Doordash.

As well as delivering their products to homes, Red Rooster announced that they would expand their delivery options to Red Rooster, businesses, and local organisations. Red Rooster nowadays delivers their food from over 250 restaurants stores across Australia.

Throughout 2020, Red Rooster started an aggressive rebranding exercise based on their proposition "The Rooster's Calling." Restaurant refurbishments coincided with their rebranding operation, and they introduced new menu items.

Nowadays, the number of workers that Red Rooster employs is over 7,500, and its headquarters is located in Chatswood, Sydney, New South Wales.