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Pizza Hut Catalogue

Valid from 20/05/2022 to 04/06/2022

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Finger Licking Goodness

Think PERi-PERi chicken, think Nando’s. For over three decades, this fast-food chain has supplied Australians with their world-famous grilled PERi-PERi chicken and other delicious meals. What’s so special about the chicken from this brand? It’s just like Nan’s. It’s everything from the rich blend of spices to the long marination time and the crisp grilling techniques. Nando’s pieces are bursting with flavour from the inside out. Despite having nearly 200 stores in Australia alone, there's been a steady effort to maintain the distinct Nando’s flavours at both the parent brand and their teeming franchise outlets, so you can confidently have your Nando’s anywhere. Can't get to a physical restaurant? Feeling the hunger pangs on a lazy day? Take some time off from slaving on the stovetop and order in. Nando’s comes complete with reliable and fast doorstep delivery. What’s on the menu? You’ll find thoroughly marinated tasty chicken, burgers, pitas, wraps salads, bowls, snacks and sides. Beyond ready-cooked delicious meals, Nando’s has a classic range of PERi-PERi sauces available at your favourite supermarkets. You have the chance to recreate all the goodness right in your kitchen at affordable prices. Time to turn up the heat! Nando’s flavours are deeply rooted in Southeast African history. Be part of the big story! Are you a regular or looking to join the bandwagon of Nando’s loyal customers? Check out pages of mouthwatering meals and deals available at Nando’s at 1Catalogue.

Don’t Miss the Deliciousness with 1Catalogue

Stick with 1Catalogue for all the info you’ll need. You’ll get piping hot gist from Nando’s kitchen. With ever-evolving flavours and saving packages, you don't want to miss out. With 1Catalogue, you’ll be the first to hear the sizzle of the latest products on offer. Our site is loaded with crispy and fresh online catalogues for your convenience. You don’t have to break a sweat. Beyond deals, there are lots of exciting events to participate in with other Nando’s enthusiasts. Nothing quite like bonding over good food and chuckles. Don't miss out on packed movie nights and special summer sessions. Want a full tummy and a pocket full of savings? Subscribe here!

Yummy Savings

Is your love for good food leaving you feeling a little roasted? Nando’s to the rescue! This brand has a range of seasoned ideas to help you eat your chicken and have it too. Two things stand out at Nando’s - great taste and fantastic pricing. You don’t need a fat wallet to have a yummy time. Don't listen to the bad rep that is typically accorded all kinds of fast food. If you're looking to incorporate more greens and generally healthier food choices, then enjoy a blend of fresh flavours and textures with Nando’s salads. You’ll find a good fill for as low as $10. What’s more? Customers can mix and match their favourite extras. For ordering special bold salads, Nando’s customers may earn extra points. Enjoy extra perks of modern living. By simply downloading Nando’s fuss-free app, you can get the convenience of online orders and earn points all at once. You could also convert your earnings into free meals at Nando’s. What’s there to wait for? Get downloading!

The Perks are Pretty

By joining the PERi Perks, you have a good chance to eat and save. For every $1 spent at a Nando’s outlet, you earn 1 point. Hit the 100-point mark and you get $10 to spend on food and gorgeous merch. PERi Perks members get a free bag of chips for just signing up to the mailing list, a birthday meal and lots of freebies. It gets even more exciting from here. Have you been looking to spice up your home grill sections or thrill at your barbecue party with colourful branded pieces from Nando’s? You are in luck. There’s a dedicated Perks store where members can go shopping for specific products and earn whopping points. You read right! You have the chance to shop top-quality lingle socks, tees, sauces, barbecue machines, flavour magnets and sturdy portable carts. By signing up, you'll get the prized Perks card that's your one-way ticket to all the good stuff.

Spread the Love

Looking to host a few friends for some hearty weekend laughs in the backyard? Spice things up with a catering package from Nando’s. Don't sweat it or even as much as bring out the grill. Simply pre-order well-seasoned and grilled to perfection chicken. It's time to wow your guests! Hosting a fancier event by the poolside? Order classy and affordable finger food platters but don't forget to gather all the points as you shop. There are lots of offers to help you save. Competition is stiff, so make the most of all of this. Get the best cut quite literally. PERi Perks members can compete for a spot as Member of the Month with lots of freebies to be won. Are you a healthcare or emergency worker? Nando’s appreciates your service with a special discount. Look out for this. Click and Collect and complimentary deals are other great ways to save.