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Swim in a Sea of Amazing Products

With so many products available at unbelievably low prices, you could probably swim in them. A little dramatic, but hey, big brands at low prices? Doesn't happen too often, so we get a bit excited when we see it. At Rivers, you’re treated to a wide selection of clothing and more, such as women's clothing, men's clothing, as well as men and women's footwear. But it doesn't just end at outfits. You could also find quilts, sheets, blankets, and such. Here's the full Rivers category – Kitchen, Bed, Bathroom, Technology, Dining, Home Décor, Furniture, Entertainment, Electrical Appliances, DIY & Renovation, Lighting, Outdoor, Camping, Sports & Fitness, Laundry, and Pets! So, variety (check), low prices (double-check). And how do you get these low prices? Two words – Rivers Catalogue!

Overflowing Source of Low Prices via the Rivers Catalogue

The Rivers catalogue serves one purpose – to keep you up-to-date with all their latest offers. Trust us, it’s doing a pretty good job. Your job is to get access to this catalogue. Once you do that, rest assured you’ll never miss sales or spend too much on your clothes shopping. In this catalogue, there's no style of clothing you won't find. Once items go on sale, the Rivers’ catalogue is updated and a new version with all the latest deals is released for your viewing and shopping pleasure. It’s an all-around good deal for you. You take your pick from a wide selection of clothing items and save money while at it. We all know quality clothing doesn't often come cheap. When you do find super cheap clothing, the quality is often, well, insert ‘shrug emoji’. Would you like to have it all? Top-notch quality items at cheap prices? Rivers has got you covered. You can count on them to provide some great choices with equally great price offers to go with. Subscribe to 1Catalogue so you have instant access to any available Rivers Catalogue.

Lots of Sales Just for You

This company is big on discounts. You really can't complain here. High-quality clothing, footwear, accessories, and other items at highly discounted prices. When we say highly discounted, we mean up to 70% off on some items. Half-price discounts are also pretty common at Rivers. Then, there are the clearance sales. Phew, Rivers has really gone all out for its customers. Always looking for new ways to make your shopping memorable. Shop a massive selection of products during clearance sales. And don't think it's just another clearance where the store is trying to get rid of unwanted stuff. At Rivers, you could very well see designer items on sale during clearance sales. Remember the product categories listed above? Just add clearance to everything and you’ll see just how fantastic this is. There are also online exclusive sales where Rivers offers the lowest prices on selected styles. However, this is usually for a short period. To find all valid Rivers sales and exactly how long they’re valid for, checkout 1Catalogue for Rivers offers and discounts.

How About an Extra Bit of Rewards?

Sounds good, yes? Of course, it does! As if their unbeatable prices and an incredible selection of products weren't enough, there's more. At Rivers, you can get rewarded simply by signing up to become a Rivers Rewards Member. Once you become a member here, you can earn 1 point on every dollar you spend at Rivers – both in-store and online. Get up to 100 points and you will receive a $5 voucher for your next in-store shopping. Run the numbers…it’s a great offer. By the time they stack up, we're talking several gorgeous outfits purchased only with Rivers vouchers. And don't forget the exclusive access to members-only offers that come with being a Rivers Rewards Member. Here’s another juicy offer – free shipping on orders over $100. Does Rivers rock or what?

Gift Cards

You weren’t planning on hoarding all these Rivers goodness to yourself now, were you? There’s so much available here, like their wet counterpart, this store isn't about to dry up anytime soon. So, why not share with your friends and family? Give your friends and loved ones a Rivers gift card so they can share in the fun. Also, if you find a good offer on Rivers’ gift cards, you could save a little extra cash by using the gift cards for your shopping. There are so many ways to save money here. Start by subscribing to 1Catalogue. We’ll send the latest Rivers Catalogue with all the best deals straight to your inbox. You could also find other offers and deals available on our website.

About Rivers

Like most good business, Rivers began from modest and humble origins. Originally known as ‘Paddles Operation’, founder Joe Paddle, and his partners, began manufacturing custom-made shoes from the back of their property in rural Victoria. With a combination of hard-work and success, they relocated to a larger business premise at Ballarat in 1960.

In 1979, the business name Rivers was born. Comprised of a partnership with businesswoman Diana Ferrari, and with a wholesale agreement with large retailers such as David Jones, Grace Bros, Myer, and Betts. The very first Rivers retail store was launched in Sydney, on George Street, in 1983 – exclusively selling only men's footwear. Further stores were opened shortly afterwards.

The Rivers brand remains to be one and the same with terrific quality, value for money and style. This is primarily due to the distinctive craftsmanship and knowledge starting with the Paddle Brothers’ brand and handed down to other generations and craftsman with the sole purpose to ensure quality and highest detail in every show product that was created.

Joining the Internet ecommerce trend in the late 90’s, Rivers provided a digital presence in 1999, launching a digital retail website in Australia. They offered their fashionable range of outerwear, tops, knitwear, dresses, and their iconic footwear.

In 2013 the Rivers Corporation was acquired by the Specialty Fashion Group Corporation, which allowed the Rivers brand name and products to grow alongside other brands such as Crossroads, Autograph, Millers, and Katies. New Digital ecommerce websites were opened, concept stores created, bringing higher exposure to consumers for the Rivers brand.

In 2018 the Rivers brand was purchased by the Noni B Group who are deeply dedicated to providing their clients the finest customer experience imaginable.