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A Key Player in the Fashion Jewellery Industry

The Pandora story is to be told with fervour and shine. Ever since this brand was created, it's experienced series of defining moments. Several of these moments are in the expansion of the brand. An especially relevant one was in 2009 when Pandora broke into the Australian jewellery space. A moment Australians are definitely grateful for. You don't see it often, a brand that sells genuine jewellery without feeling the need to suck you dry. Pandora is one-of-a-kind. You can get very high-quality jewellery at the best prices and even find ways to save a few extra dollars.

Get the Best Value for Your Money

You truly get the best value for your money, at least in all matters related to jewellery here. You’ll need a catalogue to make the best of all that Pandora has to offer you. Pandora catalogue, like Pandora's box, is filled with a ton of surprises. Unlike the latter, these surprises are very pleasant. Check out the Pandora online catalogue available at 1Catalogue to see the best offers from this store. Scroll through the catalogue and get treated to a wide variety of jewellery in different designs, made from different materials. This includes charms, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. You don't even need to see the items in person to appreciate their beauty. The Pandora catalogue features each item beautifully captured to let its brilliance and sparkle shine through. Without seeing the prices, you’d instantly assume they’re super expensive. Well, check out the Pandora Catalogue to be pleasantly surprised. On each page of this catalogue, you’ll find the hottest items with the best prices. If you'd like to save on your next shopping trip to Pandora, then be sure to go ahead with the catalogue. You could also shop online with this catalogue to maximize your jewellery shopping.

Lending a Hand to Saving the Environment

Pandora puts in more than just an effort to promote sustainable practices across the brand. The brand goes beyond Australia, so its reach is huge in the world's fashion industry. To reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a safer planet, Pandora is actively working to promote sustainable practices such as using recycled gold and silver for jewellery and also using renewable energy. You can do your jewellery shopping at Pandora as part of your contribution to this cause. It’ll also help if you use an online catalogue for your shopping here. Think of it as you contributing to the cause by reducing paper wastage that comes with paper brochures and catalogues. Go ahead and use the Pandora Catalogue at 1Catalogue to save money, time, and the environment.

Diamonds Truly are a Girl's Best Friend

Get your friends or loved ones some Pandora jewellery as a gift today. Jewellery is the classic gift to give. Unfortunately, it often involves a ton of money. Thanks to Pandora, you can give someone high-quality jewellery for a very reasonable price. A few popular options at Pandora include charms and birthstones. It doesn't matter if it's for someone special or yourself, Pandora's likely got something that will fit right into your budget. Be sure to use the catalogue here to save even more money. You could also just get them a gift card. The Pandora gift card will let your friend pick out their perfect gift. You can get a physical gift card or an e-gift card for anywhere between $5 and $499. And with the Pandora online catalogue, your friend or loved one can make the most of this gift and shop for even more items at discounted prices.

Add to the Mystery with a Bit of Exclusivity

Being among the first to hear about new arrivals at a store like Pandora has several advantages. If it's a limited edition item, you get the chance to be one of the few to own it. Nothing says class like a piece of high fashion jewellery that is actually unique. To get this chance, subscribe to 1Catalogue. You don't have to keep up with all things Pandora before you get access to these items on the catalogue. We’ll put in the work and watch for these new arrivals specials and more. Once there's a new one, you can rest assured it will be sent straight to your inbox.

Enjoy All the Amazing Deals Pandora has to Offer

Not many jewellery stores roll out deals as Pandora does. Even if you're on a tight budget, you can still go out and get yourself a few nice pieces from the brand. Check out all the amazing offers and deals from Pandora. The secret is in the catalogue. You can get to shop for a wide range of pieces and save some money. If you still want even more ways to save, go ahead and check out 1Catalogue for all the specials and ways of receiving discounts from Pandora. For your ease and convenience, shop online for the perfect jewellery from Pandora with the online catalogue. Use Pandora size guide to figure out your exact size. Once you're done, your order will be quickly processed and delivered to your doorstep. As a bonus tip, Pandora offers you free standard shipping on orders $120 and above! Talk about saving while shining bright like a diamond. We’re all for that and would love to help you out. Visit 1Catalogue now and sign up to get the latest in catalogues and offers from Pandora. These catalogues are updated regularly to ensure you find valid offers whenever you need them. All you have to do is visit 1Catalogue and search for Pandora catalogues or just let us send it straight to your inbox once it's released.

About Pandora

Pandora A/S jewelry was founded in 1982 by Danish jewelry manufacturer, and goldsmith, Per Enevoldsen. It originally commenced as a family-owned jewelry business in Copenhagen, Denmark, where it opened its first retail store.

A few years after establishing its retail outlets, Pandora decided to become a wholesaler exclusively. Its key jewelry production facility is located in Thailand, South East Asia, and their hand-made products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

Pandora employs over 22,500 staff worldwide, with approximately 13,000 located and employed in the manufacturing plant in Thailand.

The Pandora jewelry brand is renowned for its customized bracelets (especially the charm bracelets), necklaces, earrings, and designer rings. It previously used to manufacture watches but has since discontinued this product line for commercial reasons.

Having established its products firstly in Europe, Pandora decided to enter the American market in 2003 - and along with its affordable hand-made jewelry - that was both simple in manufacture, but effective in design and style - proved largely successful in the United States. The brand adopted a franchise business model and entered the Australian market in 2009, where it has also experienced comprehensive consumer success.

Embracing the online e-commerce world, Pandora established a more than suitable online presence where sales in both Europe and the United States have periodically accounted for over 75% of their total/ overall sales. Pandora is planning to enter the Chinese market, where it intends to showcase its brand and increase their share in the profitable fashion jewelry market.