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Start Building Your Collection of Luxury Pieces

A list of luxury brands is incomplete without Gucci. The famous fashion house with headquarters in Florence, Italy is known for rolling out a variety of amazing products. These include outfits, handbags, footwear, luxury fragrances, makeup, accessories, and even items for home decor. With a chic style and that signature Italian craftsmanship, Gucci has a well-deserved spot in your luxury collection. Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to break the bank to purchase these products. While most of them have quite the price tag, the world of retail has changed greatly. With a few well-placed searches, you can get your hands on some pretty sweet deals from Gucci.

The Luxury Catalogue

Now, this is one luxury catalogue through and through. Flipping (and we use this term loosely considering it's an online catalogue) through the pages of this catalogue feels like you're walking down the paved roads of Florence and staring at all the amazing items through the store windows. Unlike those stores that are a bit daunting to enter, the catalogue is your easy map to all things Gucci. Get the best Gucci looks for a ‘Guccified’ experience at the best prices possible. At 1Catalogue, we’ve taken the time to find the best deals on Gucci items. With the Gucci catalogue, luxury fashion items won't seem so far away now. Considering how the hefty price tags of designer brands add to their exclusivity, a catalogue that provides amazing options is always welcome. Subscribe to 1Catalogue and get alerted to the latest Gucci deals as soon as they drop.

Gucci Sales

Here's the thing, Gucci is a high-end brand. You're not going to find discount codes and such slapped all over their website. They don't even have an official Cyber Monday sales event. However, there are Black Friday sales at Gucci. It's often worth the wait so you can invest in a great new designer item since you get to save significantly here. Handbags are a best seller during this period, perhaps it's time to snag that Gucci purse you've wanted since forever. It will be a bummer to miss out on this. You can rely on us to keep watch and notify you of any Gucci sales event available. Subscribe to 1Catalogue to get all these updates and more.

The Gucci Magazine

Having these luxury items and accessories is one thing, knowing how to style them is a whole other ball game. It would be a shame if you get these luxury pieces and fail to use them well. Not to worry, you don't need a stylist to help you out here. All you need is the Gucci magazine available at 1Catalogue. This magazine features the trendiest looks with choice items from the relevant Gucci catalogue. Any look you like can be recreated with items from the store. Ultimately, the Gucci Catalogues and magazines at 1Catalogue are your must-haves to fully navigate the fashion world.

Take Your Gift Giving to the Next Level

Getting your friend or loved one a designer purse from Gucci is some next-level gift giving. It's not as hard as you think. Gucci has gifts experts that can advise you on what direction to take here. Everything from tailor-made proposals till you’re ready to order and even some after-sales support is part of the deal.

Your Very Own Gucci Account

Having a Gucci account takes your luxury shopping experience to the next level and we’re here for it. Thankfully, Gucci helps you create an account that allows you to preview curated collections and other exclusive content for an overall efficient shopping experience with Gucci Australia. Be sure to visit their website and create your account.

Staying Informed

Not all luxury brands go on sales. Fortunately, Gucci does. End-of-season sales also exist on the Gucci platform, so you also have a chance to pick up a few great items. Gucci end-of-season sales are where you get the opportunity to buy the latest items from the collection. With these luxury brands, you can only make the most of their sales by being informed. Timing is everything. You must know when the store is going on sales as most items don't stay in stock very long. And that's where pre-sales come in. Find out when Gucci will be having their pre-sale and be sure to pay for your item then. After the sales, you can pick up your brand new Gucci item. To find out this information, you could call various stores stocking Gucci products. Unfortunately, you might not get the actual date. Or you could save yourself that stress and subscribe to 1Catalogue. From pre-sales to actual sales and just about any other ways you can receive a discount from Gucci, we've got you covered.

About Gucci

Gucci is a luxury fashion house which is based in Florence, Italy. Gucci's key product lines cover ready-to-wear outfits, handbags, footwear and associated accessories, fragrances, make-up, and home decoration.

Gucci is a member of the Kering Group, which are themselves a global luxury group, who manages the design and development of a range of renowned Houses in leather goods, fashion, jewellery, and watches.

Gucci was initially founded in early 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. Under the management of Aldo Gucci, who was the son of Guccio Gucci, the Gucci brand became known worldwide, and an icon of the renowned Italian 'Good Life'.

Internal family feuds commenced during the 1980s, culminating with the Gucci family being entirely removed from the capital of the company in 1993. Shortly after that, the Gucci brand was briefly refreshed and renewed with a new 'chic' style, and in 1999, Gucci was formally obtained by the French consortium Pinault Printemps Redoute.

Quite often described as innovative, influential, and progressive, Gucci is considered one of the key leaders that are reinventing a totally modern approach to fashion.

Under the guidance and vision of Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci House has been at the forefront of redefining indulgence and extravagance for the 21st century - further bolstering its position as one of the world's keenly sought-after fashion houses.

Gucci's quality products symbolise the zenith of Italian hand-made craftsmanship, and are unprecedented for their quality and attention to detail.

In 2020, Gucci operated upwards of 490 stores, employing approximately for 17,000 staff. The company generated € 9.600 billion in sales.