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Chanel discount tips

High-Class Fashion from a Luxury Brand

The Chanel name has been associated with many good tidings. There are usually thoughts of high-end designer, high-quality, and iconic that comes up with the mention of the name. Shop a host of exclusive and highly sought-after products from Chanel. Find out about the latest pieces and also get ideas on how to pair them from the online catalogue. You can search for the latest Chanel catalogue at 1Catalogue. With this, you can find information on the latest pieces from the giant brand.

Bags and More

A lot comes to mind at the mention of the Chanel name but perhaps none evokes more emotion than the highly coveted Chanel bags. This statement piece is instantly recognizable to all, thanks to the signature interlocking C’s logo. There’s more. Shop timeless pieces straight off the runway. Chanel collections are bound to suit your taste regardless of whether it’s more suited for vintage designs or the latest ones. You can find several items from each collection to suit your style. Also shop for jewellery, fragrance, make-up, and skincare products from Chanel. As a designer brand, you can expect a bit of a steep price for most Chanel items. For instance, it’s typical to find Chanel bags with a recommended retail price of over AU$5,000. Of course, these are made with top-notch materials and you're also shopping for a designer item. Take a Chanel bag outside and you’ll enjoy the feel of exclusivity that comes with it. However, it is a lot of money to spend. Fortunately, there are a couple of options to help you receive discounts on Chanel items. Browse through the online catalogue for any available offers on Chanel items. Check 1Catalogue for the latest Chanel catalogue.

In-Store Shopping at Chanel

Note that you can't shop Chanel fashion pieces and bags from the website. You can shop fragrances, makeup, and skincare products online, but with these other items, you can only view the collection and pricing on the website. You will then have to go to a physical store to pay for the product and take it home. There are about 17 Chanel stores in Australia so you can find one to shop at. However, you could get a Chanel bag online from a trusted resale company.

Shop during Sales

Now, before you add Chanel sales to your calendar, you should understand the true nature of these sales. Luxury brands are not big on sales. Chanel might have one or two sales a year but the bags that go on sales are rather limited. Also, the discounts are quite low. Chances are the sales prices won't exactly give you a significant discount. But it’s not all sad news. If you’re lucky, you could get a limited piece for a lower price. The pieces are so few that they could get sold out before you even find out. Check 1Catalogue for any useful information on these.

Work Hard, Play Hard

This one is for Chanel employees only. If you work at Chanel, you’re entitled to 30% staff discounts. You could also enjoy employee-only sales, mostly on jewellery, shoes, and similar items. Take advantage of these special offers if you want a chance to save some extra money.

Buy Some Pre-Loved Pieces

The good thing about most high-end pieces from designer brands is that you can trust the items to be made with such high-quality products that they would last a very long time. So, you can buy a pre-owned piece that’s still in great condition. Find a trusted resale store online and check them out for used Chanel bags. Secondhand products from Chanel are definitely not out of style. Think of it like you're going on a little treasure hunt every time. Also, make sure that these retailers ensure the items’ authenticity and the condition is verified. Then you can comfortably get your very own Chanel bag at a great price.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to find a designer handbag up for auction. Turns out you can buy a Chanel bag at a handbag auction for a bargain! Just like the pre-loved sale, make sure you find an authentic source. Search for specialist handbag auctions and you could shop an amazing Chanel bag for a fraction of the price. Don’t forget about promo codes. Don’t look to Chanel to offer you promo codes on their products. They are not very likely to do that. But you can expand your search beyond Chanel. Search online for other trusted retailers that have storewide discounts. Then, you can use your promotional codes to shop your preferred Chanel item and receive a discount. You could also check social media for influencers who may have a special code to get you a price cut on a Chanel item. Brace yourself, that’s a lot of searching and hashtags. 1Catalogue can help you out. We can check online retailers and websites for information on receiving a discount on a Chanel item. Then we can inform you about this so you can potentially save on a Chanel item. Visit 1Catalogue now and sign up for our newsletter to receive any catalogues bearing information on this.