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Parisian Luxury Brand

Louis Vuitton is a household name and one of the biggest names in the luxury fashion industry. The brand is committed to offering the highest quality bags in the game. The excellent workmanship, top-notch quality, and of course the exclusive feel that comes with being a designer brand only serves to make these bags even more desirable in Australia and other parts of the world. However, if you're looking to receive discounts from Louis Vuitton, you’ll probably be in for a very long wait, because Louis Vuitton never marks down its prices. Don't despair yet, we've got some workarounds to help you shop bags from this brand with some discounts.

1Catalogue - Your Guide to Saving on Authentic Louis Vuitton

To enjoy some of that luxury feel Louis Vuitton is so well-known for, most times, your account might turn red. Good news, with 1Catalogue, that doesn’t have to be the case. We've got a few great tips on how you can snag major savings and still enjoy that superior Louis Vuitton quality and craftsmanship. It all boils down to what we do best - finding online catalogues with juicy deals and offers on them. Granted, none of these offers will be from Louis Vuitton, but there are some pretty safe bets you could make. For instance, some stores - online or in-store – carry authentic Louis Vuitton products, so you can take advantage of discounts from these stores to save on the products. We can send catalogues from genuine vendors and brands with perks that could help you save on Louis Vuitton straight to your inbox. Sign up for our newsletter to begin.

Offers and Deals for the Win

Again, some stores have got special offers and deals such as clearance sales, holiday sales, and credit card offers available for customers. If you take advantage of such offers, you could end up saving on even Louis Vuitton bags and other accessories. It's an easy way to get past the brand’s exclusivity so you can afford to enjoy a bit of that luxury. However, these sales don't last very long, especially when people get a whiff of Louis Vuitton as a potential win. Subscribe here and you'll be among the first to find out about them.

Pre-Loved Luxury is Still Luxury

Louis Vuitton bags don't become any less fashionable simply because they're not brand-new. You shouldn't miss out on them because you're unable to afford the full price tags Louis Vuitton stamps on them. With resale, you can buy affordable, used Louis Vuitton bags. The only issue you might face is finding genuine pre-owned bags from Louis Vuitton. There's a lot of fakes out there. You’ll need a ton of research to ensure you find the real deal. Other than that, you've also got to be quite patient. Despite being second hand, they're still not so easy to come by. Fortunately, we've mastered the art and are willing to take the work off your hand. So, sit back and relax and whenever there's a pre-loved Louis Vuitton bag available somewhere, we’ll be sure to notify you. We’ll even do you an extra and search for catalogues that have a couple of deals or offers on such items so you can save more. Sign up at 1Catalogue with your email address to receive them.

Vintage is Still Very Much In

Take advantage of vintage store goodness to save money on Louis Vuitton products. You could find a pre-owned Louis Vuitton product while shopping at some of these stores. They’re often discounted so you don't have to throw down a lot of money. The downside is still the same as always - there's a chance these products aren’t authentic Louis Vuitton. You could save yourself the trouble and browse through our website in search of Louis Vuitton bags. We know a couple of genuine vintage stores that deal in only authentic products, so we could keep an eye out for any Louis Vuitton deals or products they've got in stock and notify you. But if you happen to come across some of these products while in a vintage store, check with the sales rep to find if there's a chance they could prove the authenticity of the item.

Go for Discounted Gift Cards

Gift cards surely are thoughtful gifts to give, plus, they are highly convenient. When it comes to high-class, luxury brands, they could potentially help you save money. Generally, Louis Vuitton gift cards are sold in-store. However, you could also find discounted Louis Vuitton gift cards on some popular sites and stores. Most discounted products, whether gift cards or not, are featured on online catalogues at any store running the promotion. Catalogues are our forte. If there's a discounted Louis Vuitton gift card somewhere, we will find it and send it to you. Sign up here to receive such prime retail treasures.