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An Australian Superstore

At Spotlight, there's a variety of home essentials available. It might just be a dedicated homeowner’s little slice of paradise with all these amazing items. But the spotlight might just be on its range of arts & crafts and sewing products. No surprise there, considering their history in the fabric and textiles industry. However, there's no shortage of products from other categories including bathroom, bedroom & lounge, kitchen & dining solutions and other homewares. Let's take you through the Spotlight store and how to make the best of it.

We've Taken a Shine to the Spotlight Catalogue…

This is just because of how amazing it is. The catalogue is fully loaded with the most amazing value deals for you. Shopping at this store without a catalogue would not be a productive retail experience for you. With the recent expansion of Spotlight, you will need the catalogue to guide you through products in stock and how to make the most of your shopping with the store. With Spotlight’s catalogue, there's something for everyone. The best part is that it typically goes for the best price possible. For instance, check out the largest range of made-to-measure window furnishings in Australia including blinds, curtain, shutters, and more. Similar options in other home essentials catalogue can also be found in this catalogue. To receive the latest and frequently updated Spotlight catalogue, check out 1Catalogue and subscribe.

Discount in a Discount

You already know the Spotlight catalogue features products with great prices, but that’s not all. Go through the Spotlight catalogue and you’ll find some extra deals that you are eligible for. It could be a chance to get a percentage off an item if you meet certain requirements. These requirements are pretty simple, so you’ve most likely got this in the bag. Go ahead and check 1Catalogue for these amazing discount.

Hot Buy? VIP Save? Sign Me Up Please!

At Spotlight, there's a ton of items on sale. More than just sales, there are Hot Deals and VIP Save. These help you save even more on exclusive products. For the VIP Save, join the free Spotlight VIP Club now. As a VIP Club member at Spotlight, you get access to exclusive VIP deals, attend exclusive events and lots more. You also stand the chance to gain the following as a VIP member – a $10 welcome voucher, $10 off on your birthday, 10% off all party paper patterns, and 20% to 30% off party products every day!

Click-and-Collect Available at Spotlight

Click-and-collect has got to be one of the best things to happen in the retail industry since online shopping. With click-and-collect, you get to purchase products through the Spotlight website and pick them up at a Spotlight store near you. With a minimum of $30 and at Spotlight stores in Victoria and Western Australia, you can enjoy this easy and convenient option of shopping.

Endless Possibilities with the Spotlight Gift Card

If you're having a hard time picking out a gift for someone, don’t worry, Spotlight will take the spotlight off you. All you have to do is purchase a gift card from Spotlight at a value between $10 and $500. They don't have to spend it all at once. The spotlight e-Gift Card can be redeemed numerous times online or in-store till the balance gets to zero. If you know someone who would appreciate a good artsy DIY moment, then this gift card would be particularly great for them. And if you've got a DIY bone in you, just get the gift card for yourself.

Extra Ways to Receive Discounts from Spotlight

If you've gone through the Spotlight catalogue and sales page, you can still get to save from this store by using promo codes. It's not hard to get your hands on these codes. You already know you could get a few by joining the Spotlight VIP Club. You could also search online for more discount codes, offers, and deals at verified websites such as 1Catalogue. Joining the VIP Club is a great way to get front row seats to all Spotlight value promotions and such. You will get notified in your inbox when there are new promo codes available as part of the VIP package. Plus, it's free!

Spotlight Stores in Australia

There are around 135 stores in the Spotlight Store Network across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Most of them are in Australia, so you can definitely enjoy in-store shopping from the brand. Search online at the Spotlight website with the store finder for the nearest Spotlight store to you. Then go in and shop from the largest range of fabrics, sewing, home decoration, party and craft supplies, as well as home furnishings. Get all these at the lowest possible prices. For some incredible savings and deals, sign up at 1Catalogue for the most up-to-date Spotlight catalogue available.

About Spotlight

Spotlight is owned and operated within Australia, with retail stores located throughout Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. A family-owned business, Spotlight employs approximately 7,000 staff members, who are highly trained and committed to providing the best customer service and expertise in goods such as crafts, fabrics, and home-ware.

Spotlight's beginnings came from the originators of the company who learned all about fabrics and textiles by running and operating their family stall at Melbourne's notable Queen Victoria Markets during the early 1970s. Their strong work ethic and business judgment inspired the family to open their very first Spotlight store in Malvern, Melbourne, in late 1973 - and ever since, they have grown from business strength to strength.

Spotlight's head office is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

As Spotlight's business presence grew, so did their available range of fabrics and textile products. Nowadays, Spotlight has over 100 retail stores located across Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia, with literally hundreds of quality and well-known brands, and thousands of household products, for consumers to choose from.

Spotlight expanded their product range to include kitchen and dining items, bedrooms and lounges, laundries, and bathrooms, all available at most Spotlight stores.

Spotlight has considerably expanded their existing product range of crafts, haberdashery items, and their children's birthday party section offers parents with numerous options regarding decorations and costumes for your child's celebration.

In 2014, Spotlight established and launched its online e-commerce presence, providing consumers with an alternative shopping channel to access and purchase all of their products, as well as providing online expert advice.