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Time to Spruce Up Your Space

Do a quick Google search of where to buy affordable furniture in Australia and you’ll likely come across Amart Furniture. The brand sells great furniture at bargain prices. But it doesn't stop there in its efforts to make life easy for you. Amart Furniture goes further to provide great ways to make shopping with them even more affordable for you. And they've certainly achieved that. If you’re curious about what these ways are, then you're certainly at the right place. At 1Catalogue, we’re your one-stop shop for all things Amart Furniture catalogues.

Great Financing Options

It's only proper that we open the show with this. Amart Furniture offers you amazing financing options to choose from. You can explore some of the interest-free plans available so you get started buying furniture for your home. Other than financing plans, there are a few other options you could take to make the best out of this brand.

Online Sales Events

Amart offers up to 50% off items in online exclusive sales. It's one of their biggest sales events featuring unbelievably low prices for a huge range of items. It is available at the online store where you can view and purchase these items. Let us link you to the online exclusive catalogue so you can check out the special new items available at their best prices. Most times, these sales events are easy to miss. However, you can sign up for sales alerts, so we keep you updated on all things Amart sales. With such updates, you're likely to find special early-bird offers!

Sales, Sales, Sales!

The online exclusive sales are great but that's not all Amart Furniture offers. They also offer massive Stocktake Sales. This even features a lookbook so it's easy for you to sift through the available furniture and make your pick.

The Amart Catalogue – Keeping You Informed

Truly, you may need a lookbook to keep up with the trends in home décor, but why stop there? Also, keep up with the latest and juiciest offers and sales from Amart via the Amart Furniture catalogue. The best part? These catalogues are updated and released regularly. That means new furniture sales every few weeks, that's a pretty good deal. To find all available Amart Furniture catalogues in one place for your convenience and so you wouldn't miss out on any of the special offers, you can check out our Amart Furniture catalogue.

What is the Right Gift to Give?

With Amart Furniture gift cards, this is no longer a question that will bother you. If you’re confused about what to give a loved one, simply get them a gift card from Amart Furniture and let them take their pick. It can be redeemed on a wide range of products in numerous categories. It’s also valid for three years so there's no rush on the part of the owner to use it. Perfect for the new homeowner so they have enough time to figure out their furniture needs and avoid making a rushed decision. All you have to do is check out our selection of Amart gift cards. The Amart Furniture e-gift cards are also available. Simply check out our selection of Amart gift cards and select your preferred denomination. Once payment is received, your e-gift card will be emailed to you. Easy peasy!

For the Coupon Lover – A Few Great Deals on the Table

Enjoy some of the sweetest deals you could find in furniture shopping at Amart. A few dollars off your total purchase or even a percentage discount on normal priced items, either way, you get to save some cash. You just have to find the right (and still valid) voucher codes or coupons to enjoy this. That’s where we come in. We can help you find some of these coupons so you receive discounts for your Amart shopping.

Enough to go around

The Amart online presence is strong enough that you can enjoy online shopping to its full potential. Most of the benefits of in-store shopping also apply here. But if you’d like the in-store experience for your furniture shopping, you can definitely get that. With 69 locations in Australia, you’re likely to have one close to you. Visit now for easy and affordable shopping. All you could need for your old or new home, office, and just about any space you wish can be found here. Beds, sofas, desks, chairs, and more! If it's furniture, then Amart has got it. Ultimately, whether you're shopping online or not, stay on top of the latest promotions, deals, and specials for Amart Furniture with 1Catalogue. It's convenient, it’s easy, and it's fun.

About Amart Furniture

Founded in 1970, it has since grown to include upwards of 70 stores across all of Australia and is a strong competitor in the lucrative Australian furniture, bedding, and outdoor retail market.

In 2020 Amart Furniture was named and awarded the 'Large Retailer of the year' award by the Retail Association of Australia.

Amart's vision is to provide Australians with the opportunity to purchase quality furniture at an affordable price - enabling Australians to transform their homes into notable houses without breaking the budget. Store employees are selected and trained to provide expert advice for all store products and a strong commitment to providing the highest customer experience and service.

Another key differentiating factor is that Amart has always been keen to provide their customers with a shopping experience that is easy, remarkably convenient, and fuss-free.

The attempt to deliver on this business mantra by providing the following services to their customers:

• Low prices, with a guarantee to beat any competitor's prices
• They will offer no deposit, interest-free finance solutions to select customers
• Their easy and simple-to-use shopping service with automatic product scanning at all customer checkouts
• Stores will offer a wide range of over 2,000 available products
• Friendly, customer service oriented staff who are trained to understand furniture inside-out
• Highly convenient home delivery service that guarantees to deliver to all locations across Australia
• Periodic promotions and sales opportunities that offer exceptional value for customers
• Expert furniture advice and tips ensure that customers are completely informed prior to making any purchasing decision.