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A Seal of Excellence

Lately, it seems everyone's on a new health kick. Food storage containers are all the rave now. Perfect for meal prepping, freezing, microwaving, and just organising your pantry. There's no way you'll be able to talk about these without mentioning Tupperware. Heck, some people might even think all plastic containers are Tupperware, not realising that it's a brand of its own…and a solid brand to boot. In 1946 when the company was created, Tupperware products were mostly watertight plastic storage containers. Oh, how things have changed. Now, you can get any type of food storage container from the brand including those suitable for the pantry, fridge, freezer, kitchen, and even pet storage containers! Check out the Tupperware Catalogue at 1Catalogue for more information.

1Catalogue Provides You with the Latest Tupperware Catalogue

Tupperware has upgraded from just containers to fashion-forward storage options that fit right into your space. To keep you up-to-date on these options and more, the company releases a catalogue every few months with the latest additions and other offers. If it’s kitchenware you want, you can find it in this catalogue. Of course, there's more! Several Tupperware products suitable for serving food, packing lunch, storing drinks, and those especially kid-friendly are all available on the Tupperware catalogue. All you have to do is subscribe to 1Catalogue. That way, you're sure of not missing out on any great offer. But wait, there's more!

Tupperware Monthly Specials Catalogue

A typical Tupperware catalogue would feature their products and all the juicy price offers available for you. Then, there's the monthly special catalogue. Here, you can see everything new to Tupperware. Check out 1Catalogue for these sweet items and lots more.

Time for Some TLC

We all love a little TLC in our lives. Well, you can have the spa type as well as the Tupperware type. Tupperware Loyalty Club (TLC) is your key to joining an incredible Loyalty program from Tupperware Australia. There are several ways you could earn points including making a purchase (1 point per dollar) or creating an account (worth 5 points). You could also get 5 points on your birthday. Other means of earning TLC points include signing up to the Tupperware mailing list, reviewing a product, referring a friend, and engaging with Tupperware on social media. Gather as many points as you can and redeem them for rewards from Tupperware. You may want to join this club now. Those monthly Tupperware specials catalogues you're probably looking forward to will only be enjoyed by being a member. Items from this catalogue are available for sale for only Silver and Gold TLC members. This shouldn't be a tough decision. Join the TLC and you'll be looking for a virtual Tupperware to contain all your points and reward soon.

Gifts from Tupperware

They're not your regular box of chocolates but they're pretty great gifts to give. You could give a friend a set of cooking ware from this brand for cooking and baking. A set of Tupperware for packing the kids’ lunch is also a great idea. The fitness buff is not left out. We’re sure they will appreciate Tupperware drink bottles or flasks for their morning workout protein shake. There’s so much to choose from, gift-giving can't get any easier. Or can it? Turns out it can! You can let them make their choice by giving them a Tupperware gift card.

Expect More from this Online Catalogue

If you're in the market for a Tupperware product, chances are you’re big on organisation and such. Your pantry is probably Pinterest-worthy, thanks to those gorgeous Tupperware products that keep your food fresh and your kitchen trendy. If that's you, then this next bit will appeal to you – Tupperware collections. This brand has really gone all out here. Shop the Tupperware collections where you can choose items from various categories including the Chef Series, Eco-Friendly, KP Tools, Heat N’ Eat, Recycline, Times Savers, and lots more. These collections are also featured in the Tupperware catalogue for your ease and convenience. Sign up to 1Catalogue and all this and more can be yours. Just relax and we’ll source for and send the latest Tupperware catalogue straight to your inbox.

Don't Miss Out on Any Tupperware Offers

Tupperware doesn't just offer discounts on products. Like many other brands, they’ve got sales events and many other ways for you to receive discounts from their brand. Check Tupperware online for some online offers. You could get as much as half off for on-sale items. Ultimately, if you're looking for a way to save money with your plastic container shopping and a place to get all your plastic container needs, Tupperware checks all the boxes (pun fully intended). Maximize your shopping and make great savings by checking out our Tupperware Catalogue here. You'll be glad you did.

About Tupperware

The Tupperware brand and business commenced in 1940 with a solitary paint can by a practicing chemist called Earl Tupper. Tupper was inspired while he was creating certain molds while working in a plastics factory not long after the Great Depression. He devised the idea of designing a watertight seal for certain plastic storage containers, similar to those on a paint can, and he could therefore assist those war families conserve money on food waste which was costly at the time. His signature sealing container assisted in creating the food storage category and transformed the manner society would store, serve, and prepare food.

Tupperware Brands Corporation, which was formerly called the Tupperware Corporation, is now an American multinational marketing company. Its key focus is household and kitchen products, and it is especially famous for their line of plastic containers that assist with food storage and preparation. As we can all agree, typically all plastic food containers, and regardless of the actual brand, we refer to them as Tupperware.

Not long after establishing their business brand in the USA, Tupperware expanded into the European market – and by 1966, the Tupperware company had a sizeable presence in 7 European countries. It then launched into the South East Asian markets shortly afterwards.

Nowadays, Tupperware brands have expanded to over 100 countries world-wide, and operate under seven brands that comprise the Tupperware corporation: such as Tupperware, Beauti-Control, Avroy-Shlain, Fuller, Nuvo, NaturCare, and Nutrimetics. In 2008, as a result of its success in developing the Tupperware brand name in China, Indonesia, and India, Tupperware received the prestigious award for "Most Favored Brand by Women".