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Work Smarter

Thankfully, the days of hewing heavy blunt axes and crude farm implements are over. You won’t have to rip a muscle or break too much of a sweat. With advanced technology, you can do everything from lawn mowing, large-scale farming, forestry or construction work with so much more ease and precision. If you are a large-scale farmer, the big machines are an invaluable part of your daily work and life. The John Deere brand is here to provide the right products and services to mechanise and fasten your work on both farms and at home. There is a long list of products; compact utility tractors, track tractors, row crop tractors, aeration and application equipment, harvesters, lawnmowers, parts and accessories. They’ve broken new grounds in the agriculture and construction industries with a fine mix of commitment, old flavour and innovation. You’ll be spurred to dare for more farming and homecare goals with their functional ranges. There is also a chance to catch them young. While shopping for your own heavy-duty ‘toys’, don’t forget there are games, apps and activities to keep the kids entertained too. Check these out at the website.

No Sharp Cuts

To your credit status. Don’t you just wish that money grew like your lawn grass? You can probably relate. Purchasing these gadgets can deal some heavy-duty blows to your finances. Luckily, there are smart ways to not tip over the scales. Your savings will make others green with envy. John Deere offers and discounts are rather country/region-specific so don't be too bummed if you find that you can't access it from your region. There is always a fair deal to compensate. Keep an eye out for collaborative promotions between John Deere and other companies. If you’ll need to dig a little deeper for cash than usual, then consider the finance plans from John Deere. There's a 0% per annum finance that applies on combines, sprayers, large tractor parts and servicing only. The perks include zero deposits and zero repayments spanning twelve months. To qualify, you'd have to have made a purchase not less than AU $11,000. If you're making a payment for services, then your minimum spend should be A$5,000. You’ll only access this if you’re an approved commercial application. Non-commercial consumers are not left out of the John Deere largesse. If you’re looking to purchase ride-on lawn equipment for your home, then you are in luck. You’ll rake in some cool savings with the No-deposit 50-month term loan from John Deere. This applies to selected ride-on lawn equipment. If you’re making a purchase of at least $1,100 then it’s a bright idea to apply. You’ll be required to pay annual fees of $99. These offers are time-limited so you'd have to make a fairly quick move.

Make the Most

Fine wine in an old keg is still, well, fine wine. Although it may be a lot more desirable to purchase a brand new machine, these can be quite pricey. You may consider purchasing a fairly used John Deere tractor or mower at a reduced cost. Given their track record of high-quality and confident warranties at John Deere, all you have to do is to confirm the product is in a good pre-purchase state, compare make, model, cost and hours used as displayed. Check out the ‘Shop Used’ section on the John Deere website. You’ll view a grand collection of used tractors, utility task vehicles, excavators and everything in between. There is a dedicated machine finder for easy navigation. All the extra dollars saved will surely come in handy.

On your marks, get set, mow!

Competitions from the John Deere brand are good opportunities to win big and save. Although these are time-bound and periodic, you could win up to $1,000 store credit in the Green Rewards Competition. Keep your ears on the ground.

Here to Help

Browse through the catalogues, stuff your DIY kit or heavy gadget collection all while enjoying some dad jokes in the backyard. We at 1Catalogue have basically mowed the lawn for you by collecting the newest online catalogues here. You’ll find a compact collection here. If your kids are fascinated by the big machines, then get them involved in the fun too. This holistic brand offers toys and merchandise as well. If you’re training a little farm buddy, you should check out the John Deere toy catalogue. You can ‘twin’ with your bubs by getting them miniature construction or replicas of your own big toys. There is even a clothing range available from your local dealer.