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Finger-Lickin’ good!

You’ve probably heard that a few times. Well, it’s for good reason as KFC is all about deliciousness. It could be the several decade-old chicken recipe unique to this brand or the high-quality, innovative nature of their dishes…or a delicious combination of both! Regardless of what makes KFC unique, the point is that you can expect this deliciousness in everything you order from the brand – be it fried chicken wings, nuggets, burgers, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, and lots more. Salivating yet? Yeah, you’re probably in the mood for some pocket-friendly yet filling chicken meal. The million-dollar question is “Just how pocket-friendly is KFC?” Well, when the brand was new to Australia, you could get a piece of chicken and chips for 45 cents. Now, one piece of original chicken from KFC costs $3. It's been a long road from back then but price increases are to be expected. It doesn't mean you shouldn’t satisfy your chicken craving. The KFC Catalogue is available to help you out.

Enjoy Lip Smacking Chicken Meals on a Budget

This is thanks to the KFC catalogue. KFC’s menu features a variety of unique and delicious meal options that everyone loves. As part of KFC’s value of generosity, they’re not about to watch you go hungry. KFC brings you the best deals and offers to ensure you make the most of your dining experience with them. You can mix and match to create the perfect meal at amazing prices. There's also the KFC shared meals that feature the best prices for the most food. Next time you're hungry and in need of a hot n’ spicy, delicious, yet affordable meal, just think KFC. You can pull up the KFC catalogue at 1Catalogue and make your pick from a vast selection of options.

Make a KFC Pit Stop Today

You probably don't need much convincing on this front. How could you when a fast-food has the word "feast" on its menu? Sounds almost mediaeval, and you know how big they were on feasts back then! Well, KFC will give you a feast without running you dry. There's a range of burgers at KFC you can choose from. From the signature zinger and double tender burger to the BBQ bacon stacker burger. To spend some time in a cheese haven, you can opt for the bacon and cheeseburger. You could also keep things classic and go for the original recipe burger. Whatever your choice of burger, you can rest assured of great taste and unmatched value. Of course, it’s impossible to discuss KFC's selection of meals without mentioning their fried chicken options. There’s the hot and spicy chicken popcorn, chicken tenders, nuggets, and the mind-blowing wings. From value-added offers to shared meals that save you time and money, your feast fantasies will come true with KFC. To get started, visit 1Catalogue for access to our KFC catalogue. We’ll be sure to find a ton of specials and deals to satisfy your KFC cravings whenever you get them. If you'd like to receive the latest KFC catalogue and exclusive offers from 1Catalogue, then go ahead and sign up here.

Vouchers for Your Nuggets

Offers from KFC come in different ways. It could be in-store coupons, drive-through coupons, or online exclusive offers. Why limit yourself to just one? Some days when you’re in the mood, you can drive up to a KFC window and place your order or just call and get it delivered straight home. Again, it all depends on your mood. However, there's one thing that's constant in all these scenarios – you’re after a good deal that gets you as many nuggets and other KFC goodies as possible at the best prices. Well, you've come to the right place. 1Catalogue offers the most up-to-date KFC catalogue available, specials, and latest offers from the fast-food. If it's a promotional offer you want – coupons, voucher codes, promo codes, and the likes, then be sure to visit 1Catalogue for these offers and more.

You Snooze, You Lose

Catalogues are usually on a clock and expire after a while. KFC catalogues and offers are even more likely to expire or be snatched up before you can say zinger. Enjoy a bucket of KFC’s finest with a cold drink and hot fries on the side now or whenever you're in the mood. Hurry now and check out the latest KFC catalogue while the offer stands. At 1Catalogue, we’re dedicated to making sure all your chicken needs can be satisfied with the online catalogue from KFC. Click here now to visit 1Catalogue.

About KFC

KFC first landed into Australia in 1969 with their very first restaurant located in Guildford, NSW. Nowadays in Australia, the KFC brand proudly serves over 2.1 million hungry customers per week across approximately 660+ restaurants across all of Australia. KFC proudly employees more than 34,000 Australians.

KFC is a global branded chicken restaurant with a long and successful history of innovation and business success. It started with Colonel Harland Sanders, who devised a unique chicken recipe more than 70 years ago, comprising a catalog of 11 secret spices and herbs that was written in his own personal kitchen.

From those humble beginnings, nowadays using this same recipe/ formula in more than 23,500 restaurants in over 140 countries and territories around the entire world.

Colonel Sanders was a cooking innovator who founded KFC on his own personal values such as hard work, generosity, and hospitality that have been bestowed onto all employees who work for the KFC brand today. KFS employees over 800,000 team members across the world, and KFC endeavor to treat everyone with generosity and as if they were family.

KFC has provided a firm commitment to operating their business in a responsible manner through such commitments like their 2025 global plastic packaging goal – which is sustainable and eco-friendly in nature.
They have also realized their 2018 commitment to halt purchasing harvesting chickens that have been raised with certain chemicals and antibiotics in their systems. The KFC Harvest program is a charitable program that has successfully donated over 80 million pounds of food to local and needy communities around the world.