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All Things Automobiles and More

Buying a car is hard enough without the added expense of auto repair and such. However, this becomes a breeze when you have a store like SuperCheap Auto in your corner. What started as a simple automotive parts business has transformed into a full-fledged company dealing in everything from automobile parts & accessories to general handyman equipment, basic motorbike products, and the likes. If you need products for proper auto maintenance such as oil changing equipment, you can get them at the store. Even if you just want to switch up your car’s look, you can still count on SuperCheap Auto to provide everything you need to achieve this. Are you curious yet? Yes? Well then, check out their collection of items via the SuperCheap Auto Catalogue.

The Super Cheap Catalogue

This title doesn't refer to the store's name. Here, we mean it literally. This catalogue features super cheap products that will blow your mind. If you've had a car for some time now, you’ll know that auto repair or auto ‘anything’ doesn't typically come cheap. However, you know you're about to get a good deal when the store’s name embodies this. This catalogue is a car lover’s dream catalogue. Check the special catalogue for car care products, spare parts, tools, and other automobile products. The best part is that you will find these products at the cheapest possible prices. We’re not scared to say this as we have the utmost confidence in this brand. You’ll be too when you see some of their mouth-watering catchphrases. For instance, “We’re cheaper or we’ll beat it!” Price matches often go in the favour of the customer. SuperCheap Auto Price Beat Guarantee is here to make sure of that, helping you to save significantly and to shop without fear of being ripped off. What more could a customer want? Oh, that's right, discounts! At SuperCheap Auto, you've got a trunk load of discounts and other offers.

Super Deals

At this point, you've probably come to expect ‘super’ things from this company. It's like they go out of their way to help you receive discounts and of course, we’re all for that! At SuperCheap Auto, you’ve got items on Sale, Club Deals, Super Buys, Clearance Sales, Bonus Buys, and Trade Deals. Expect regular sales from SuperCheap Auto on a massive range of products, from engine oil and power tool kits to even microfiber towels. These sales don't just take out a dollar or two, we’re talking about a sizeable percentage off an item. For clearance sales, you could get well over 50% off. Chances are high that you’ll always find some sort of deal here, however, sales such as the Super Buys have only limited stock available. You snooze, you lose! To avoid that, sign up to 1Catalogue. We’ve got all the latest Super Buy deals and updates on our website. If you want to be notified as soon as something new drops, then be sure to subscribe.

Massive Options to Choose from

At SuperCheap Auto, variety is assured. Products from numerous brands including Bowdesn’s, Castrol, Century, ToolPRO, Prorack, Valvoline, Velocity, and lots more are available. You could also choose to shop by vehicle. SuperCheap Auto caters to the needs of drivers of all types of vehicles including BMW, Ford, Kia, Isuzu, Lexus, Mazda, Volkswagen and lots more.

The Car Lover’s Perfect Gift

Maybe you can't get your friend or loved one a new car, but you can certainly give them something close to it – new ways to enjoy their car. That's what SuperCheap Auto does. Everything from seat covers to batteries, brake pads, and more. If it’s needed for a smoother ride, you can find it at SuperCheap Auto. You can share all this awesome stuff with your friends by giving them a SuperCheap Auto gift card. You could either get a physical gift card or an eGift card. They’re both super convenient and can be redeemed online or in-store at any of the over 300 SuperCheap Auto stores in Australia. You can also customise these cards with a nice message for them. But just in case you are unable to pay for the gift card immediately, you can pick one from your local SuperCheap Auto store and pay online later to activate it. Is this super convenient or what?

The Convenient Online Catalogue

Our SuperCheap Auto catalogue is made for your convenience. Once you input SuperCheap Auto in our store finder, you’ll not only find the catalogue, you’ll also find out how long it's valid for. This is great because then you will know how much time you have to purchase these items so you don't miss out on any amazing offers. As a plus, there’s also the option of using Click & Collect for your SuperCheap Auto shopping. This is a great option that lets you shop online and collect your order at any SuperCheap Auto store in Australia. To get the most miles out of your vehicle and enjoy every minute of it, use the winning combination of SuperCheap Auto and 1Catalogue. From coupons, discount codes, and other amazing offers, you'll be driving off into the sunset soon.

About Supercheap Auto

Supercheap Auto was founded in 1972 by a married couple - Reg and Hazel Rowe, and it is now recognised as one of Australia's premier automotive parts and accessories retail chains. Initially, the business model was devised to be an automotive associate, mail order business.

The business proved considerably successful, and by 1975, the business had reported revenues upwards of AUD 1.5 million. It was then expanded to include their first retail store, which was located in the suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland.

In early 1994, the family-owned business was managing and operating seven retail stores, when businessman Bob Thorn joined the business as its Director of Retail Operations. With Thorn's retail expertise, the number of stores increased to 15 within twelve months of his appointment, and Bob Thorn was promoted to General Manager of the entire retail business.

The business continued to grow over time, and in January 2006, there were over 200 operational stores, and nowadays, there are 300 stores both in Australia and New Zealand.

The product range that the Supercheap Auto business provides its customers, comprises over 10,000 assorted items available both in-store, and online. Supercheap Auto recognised an opportunity for post purchasing services, and after expanding into this market they become an industry leader in the aftermarket automotive accessories channel.

Supercheap Auto includes everything from automotive parts and accessories to general handyman items, power tools and equipment, and to basic marine accessory and motorbike products, such as:

• Exterior accessories
• Batteries
• Car care
• In-car stereo equipment
• Lighting and electrical
• Seat covers and interior associated accessories
• Oils, filters, and additives
• Outdoor Equipment and related accessories
• Hand tools and power tools
• Spare parts, pieces
• Auto Paint and panel
• Auto Performance