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The Actual Big Screen Experience

Reading Cinemas is a consumer favourite in the cinema space. The brand has a huge presence in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. In Australia, you can choose to visit the cinema closest to you. Several locations are available in NSW, WA, QLD, VIC, TAS, and SA. Choose a suitable location from the website and view all sessions. Have a great morning, afternoon, or evening enjoying the latest blockbuster movies released. Of course, it's typical to find newer movies set at higher ticket prices. At Reading Cinemas, you don't have to pay such high prices. Simply take advantage of the numerous offers this company has and make big savings. Start with the online catalogue from here. You can find the current one as well as information on the next one at 1Catalogue.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Information on available sessions at the cinema can be found on the online catalogue. You can choose from movie lists in the available categories including Now Showing, Advance Tickets, and Coming Soon. Once tickets go up for sale, think of it like the floodgates opening. Viewers rush to be among the first to watch the latest movie – no one like spoilers! Be among the first to view the updated movie list and when tickets go up for sale by checking out the online catalogue. Visit 1Catalogue and subscribe to be among the first to receive discounts.

Calorie-Free Extras

Cinema extras are often sugary-sweet – popcorn and drinks especially. Reading Cinemas has got a couple of other kinds of extras in its bag for you to enjoy. First on the menu – Competitions! With Reading Cinemas competitions, you can win an amazing gift. Whether it's to watch a movie for free or discounted ticket prices depend on the competition in question. The availability of these competitions also depends on certain factors, primarily cinema location. Choose cinema selections to find out which locations have any competitions available. You could get lucky and win! Also, look through the catalogue for information on current Reading Cinemas catalogues.

Special Wednesdays

Wednesdays at Reading Cinemas are pretty special events thanks to the ‘Spit the Dummy’ sessions here. Selected titles are shown on Wednesdays with the lights dimmed to improve visibility. No more things-that-go-bump-in-the-night and the associated fits from the little ones. Also, up to two children under five will get to enter the screening room free of charge, as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult. Find out the upcoming Spit the Dummy titles for up to three weeks from the online catalogue. Head on over to 1Catalogue for the latest catalogue. If you find out the times and titles of the movies, you can figure out what Wednesday suits you the most (or just do all of them!). It's a great deal and we understand wanting to make the most of it.

For the Seniors

The ‘Seniors Screening’ offer comes along every few weeks at Reading Cinemas. Take advantage of this offer to enjoy a new movie plus some other perks. From complimentary tea or coffee to a ton of great prizes, there’s a lot to enjoy here. Find out about any upcoming Seniors Screening sessions on the online catalogue here. If you need any extra information regarding movie titles or more, visit the website or reach out to your local Reading Cinemas.

For a Wholesome Time at the Movies

It's always more fun to go see a movie with a friend or a group of friends. Make this happen by getting your friend(s) a gift card(s) from Reading Cinemas. Gift cards here can be used on more than just movie tickets. You can also buy snacks with your Reading Cinemas gift card. Grab one now and choose a suitable movie. Search the catalogue for potential deals and offers you could use here. Visit 1Catalogue to get started.

Reading Cinemas Promotional Codes

Reading Cinemas has some promotional codes available. Check the brand's website for the latest promotional codes. You could also check 1Catalogue for the latest valid codes. Once you find the voucher, you can redeem it online at Reading Cinemas. If you subscribe to 1Catalogue, you can check your inbox often for valid codes. Once there's one available, we’ll be sure to send it to you.

Got Space for One More?

We mean one more way to receive discounts from Reading Cinemas. Interested? If yes, go ahead and join the Reading Reel Club. There are several great member benefits to enjoy here. All you have to do is pick a Reel Club card from any Reading Cinemas location and activate it to use. Benefits include points you could redeem on selected items including candy bars and ticket boxes, discount vouchers, member-only competitions, and lots more. Join in now to enjoy.