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What's cooking? Just the best deals ever!

The iconic Foodland motto “Great food lives here” rings true on so many levels. With a great passion for providing great food, the brand is always sure to put in its best efforts. Shopping at Foodland is sure to be a good experience for you. From exclusive deals to group specials and lots more, you’re in for a great time.

The Foodie’s Weekly Services

With Foodland’s weekly specials, you receive all the best offers of the week. You’d usually get to save per pack or bunch here. It's a couple of cents to a few dollars but it will typically add up to top dollars if you play it right. Check the weekly deals available and time your shopping to get the best out of them. If you're in the market for the freshest local produce with a ton of variety, look no further than Foodland. It helps that the prices are great and there are several ways to save money here. Group specials and other deals exclusive to the various stores should pique your interest. To fully enjoy what this brand has to offer, you have to know about these offers. Fortunately, we've done the work for you. Read on for more information.

The ‘Specials’ Catalogue

Not sure it gets better than this but each Foodland catalogue features over 100 great specials! By subscribing to 1Catalogue, you can rest assured of getting new and updated catalogues sent to your inbox weekly. It's usually over 30 pages of a fresh and yummy medley of food items. With great discounts on over 350 products, you are sure to find the right deal for you. Be sure to plan your next shopping trip to Foodland with the catalogue so you save some money. Check out our Foodland catalogue for all the great prices and sales so you wouldn't miss out on all the special offers available.

Support for Small Businesses

With a strong belief in supporting local producers, you can be sure to find local products (including those that have been discontinued by national stores) at Foodland. Most times, all you need to do is ask and you will likely find what you need at Foodland. On the subject of asking to receive, why not check out Foodland’s coupons.

Coupons – The Smart Shopper’s Secret Weapon

Granted, coupons are not such a big secret but the weapon part’s true! Coupons are yours to take advantage of. Part of Foodland's marketing budget goes to coupons to help attract new customers and reward old ones. You can get them as discount coupons or promotional sales. The format they come in doesn't matter so much. All you need to do is use them. Besides, Foodland is known for offering some pretty amazing deals. You'll be hard-pressed not to take advantage of them. And if you're wondering where to find these deals, just let us do the work for you. We'll find the best coupons and promo codes from Foodland and share them with you.

Gift Cards Just for You

As an IGA Supermarket, Foodland gift cards operate similarly. To use such gift cards, you can purchase them from any participating IGA store in Australia. Of course, all IGA stores operate independently so not all stores sell or redeem gift cards. However, Foodland gift cards are available. Check out our collection for the minimum and maximum purchase values available. Now from the top, the process is easy. Go through our catalogue specials, select the best deals that speak to you, find the closest Foodland store to you, and shop away!

Mighty Magazine

Leave it to Foodland to have a magazine with all the information you could need on their products and how to make the best of your grocery shopping. In this magazine, you get to find out what's in season and how to buy the freshest produce. And you know what that means? Food that's in season is often cheaper and likely to stay fresh. That way, you save a bit of extra cash and you don't have to throw things away unnecessarily. Best subscribe to the mighty magazine for this amazing privilege to valuable information. Of course, there's a ton of great recipes featured here for the food lover.

Foodland Stores

Say you’ve gone through the catalogue and are ready for some good, old fashioned grocery shopping at the supermarket, then it’s time to find a Foodland store near you. There are over 90 of these stores in South Australia, you should be able to find one relatively close to you. You could also just visit the Foodland website for some help finding their stores near you. And when you're done, remember to go through the Foodland magazine for a rich selection of recipes to try out with the ingredients.

About Foodland

One of the first grocery stores to be branded as Foodland was in Glenelg South, Adelaide, Australia, in 1962. With over 95 stores (and growing), the Foodland supermarket retail brand is a house-hold name with all South Australians.

In 2004, the Foodland brand name was acquired by Metcash-owned IGA, however, the stores are all independently owned, and this is reflected in-store by their individual owner's business personalities and also by their locations.

Foodland operates a minority of their stores in the Northern Territory and New South Wales, though the majority of stores are predominantly located in South Australia. Foodland stores are local, independently owned retail supermarkets, that promote locally grown Australian produce. They are renowned for providing fresh local produce alongside a personalized service for all of their customers.

Foodland is so proud to stock local Australian produce, that they specifically will periodically check to see what local producers the major supermarket chains stop providing their customers, and explicitly make sure they stock those exact items. As a result, they are not shy about promoting this fact to their customers.

Foodland operates a series of promotions and competitions that generate increased revenue from its loyal customer base. Alongside their gift card program which provides a wide range of food discounts, it makes Foodland more than competitive in the grocery retail market in South Australia.

They also have a deep connection to the local community, having developed and implemented a wide variety of sustainability programs that complement South Australian family-owned businesses.