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A Good Kind of Different

Yes, “different” is the word to use here. ALDI is committed to doing things in a manner that ensures that customers always come first. For that reason, they provide a rich variety of high-quality products at super low prices. That's not all. The company prides itself on being the “good different” for the following reasons –  Proudly made in Australia products  Commitment to renewable energy  Customers get to save every day of the year  With permanently low prices, customers don't have to deal with just one-off discounts  Great initiatives aimed at helping the Australian community  Three words – Weekly Special Buys! Needless to say, ALDI can boast of having very satisfied customers.

The Good Catalogue

With all this goodness going around ALDI, it's only fitting we refer to the brand’s catalogue by that. The point at ALDI is to help you save as much as possible. Other than one-off discounts or rewards that take years to become relevant, the catalogue features products with the lowest prices possible across the entire store. The best shoppers are those that keep up-to-date with the latest specials and offers from the ALDI catalogue. These offers are so good they’re often snatched up the minute they drop. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on any of them. To guarantee your spot on the first list of people to view the ALDI catalogue, sign up at 1Catalogue. We've got the latest specials from ALDI so you get the best deals and prices when you shop.

ALDI Special Buys

This is just as special as it sounds. The Special Buys offer from ALDI is released every Wednesday and Saturday. Clear your schedules boys and girls, it's about to go down! As if the weekly catalogues from ALDI didn't offer enough deals on everyday grocery products and more, they introduced the Special Buys deal. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, you get to choose from a range of products including electronics, clothing, furniture, and lots more. The great thing about this is they all come at very affordable prices without compromising on the quality. Unfortunately, stocks are limited and may sell out on the first day, especially if there's high unexpected demand. The best way to get in on some of the action is to visit the stores as early as possible on Special Buys sales days.

You Can Never Go Wrong with ALDI Gift Cards

We all know how hard finding and packaging the perfect gift can be. Of course, your friend or loved one would probably appreciate whatever you get them, but hey, a stapler for Christmas isn't going to cut it. You don't have to stress out about it. You can get an ALDI gift card for your friend and they'll be sure to appreciate it. There’s a full range of gift cards you can get for them available here. For anywhere between $20 and $1,000, you could have the perfect gifts on your hands. There's more. The specialty gift cards by ALDI could get them something from other popular brands.

Stay Informed with the ALDI Newsletter

To get informed of the latest ALDI updates and Weekly Special Buys, go ahead and subscribe to the ALDI newsletter. It is top-tier ALDI information delivered straight to your inbox. Simply visit the ALDI website and sign-up.

The Icing on the Value Packed Cake

Special Buys isn't the only great promotion offered by ALDI. Other great options to save, such as promo codes, vouchers, and coupons are available. You don't have to use up all your money just because you want to shop. Treat yourself by using any of the great options made available to you. But first, you need to find these codes. Check out our catalogue for any valid ALDI promo codes or coupons. Once you find a suitable ALDI discount on the products of your choice, then you can shop and save!

ALDI Stores in Australia

ALDI has made a name for itself in the retail industry. With over 10,000 stores worldwide, there's no doubt about their strong footing in the market. ALDI Australia is not left out here. The company has over 500 stores in Australia. Despite the high number of stores available, they’re not slowing down. Solid expansion plans are put in place for the future of the brand in the industry. That is great news for every Australian. The brand has constantly demonstrated its dedication to providing top-notch quality products at very low prices. Check the ALDI website for store locations as well as their opening hours so you can get started on your shopping. But before you spend money, make sure to take a look at the online catalogue, so you have access to the best deals and offers from the brand. Click here for access to our frequently updated ALDI catalogue. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed of all the latest offers and deals from ALDI.

About ALDI

Aldi is the familiar brand for basic but essential household items of German-controlled discounted supermarket chain stores, with over 10,500 shops located across over 22 countries. It has an estimated combined annual turnover of approximately € 50.5 billion.

The chain-store was established by two brothers - Theo and Karl Albrecht - back in 1946, shortly after gaining control of their mother's mini-market in Essen, Germany. The business was divided into two distinct groups in 1961, which later became Aldi Nord (Aldi North) - with its head office based in Essen, and Aldi Süd (Aldi South) - with its head office based in Mülheim.

In 1963, both entities launched the name Aldi (which is derived from a simplified abbreviation for the name - Albrecht Diskont). In Germany, Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord have been legally and financially divided since 1966 - although both entities' names appear as if they operate under a single retail brand.

Aldi's German operations consist of Aldi North's 40 companies with about 2,600 stores in northern, western, and eastern Germany, while Aldi South's 35 companies with 1,700 stores in southern and western Germany.

Within the international market, Aldi Nord operates in France, Denmark, the Benelux countries, Spain, Portugal, and Poland, while Aldi South operates in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Hungary, China, Australia, Austria, Italy, and Slovenia.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd (which trades as "Aldi") both operate in the U.S.A with over 1,700 stores between the two enterprises as of 2019. Moreover, the only international market with both Aldi companies working outside of their native Germany, is the Unites States.