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Ideal for Your Electrical Shopping Needs

Here's some free advice, if a business is called “The Good Guys”, then they're probably really good guys. Far be it from us to counter them, especially as they've done nothing but repeatedly prove that they are, well, really good! As one of Australia's most beloved retailers of electrical appliances and the works, you're likely to find what you're looking for here. The best part is that they've got some really good prices on products as well as lots of great offers to help you maximize your shopping.

The Good Guys’ Goods

Generally, they deal in all things electronics such as Fridge & Freezers, Cooking & Dishwashers, Phones & Wearables, and lots more. Since 2016 when the company was purchased by JB Hi-Fi, there's been positive results in both companies. The Good Guys provide a massive range of home appliances and other electronics at much cheaper prices. Most of these come as offers in their catalogue.

The Jolly Old Good Catalogue

While we appreciate the wordplay, it’s pertinent we assure you that there's nothing old about this catalogue. Every few weeks, The Good Guys create and release a new and improved catalogue. This is a great way for customers to stay up-to-date on the latest additions to the store and any changes, especially in the price of their usual products. These price changes are almost always lower, which is to be expected. Online catalogues are often a stores way of showcasing products and the awesome deals they've got on them. And at The Good Guys, these deals are certainly awesome. Every electrical need you’ve got at home doesn't stand a chance against The Good Guys. They've got you covered, from having the products you need in stock to providing them at amazing prices. If this piques your interest at all, then you've come to the right place. Go through the latest Good Guys’ Catalogue at 1Catalogue for deals and offers from the company. If you're interested in even more deals or to be notified of any new catalogue, then subscribe to our newsletter.

Promotions and More from The Good Guys

When it comes to promotions and other ways to receive discounts, The Good Guys has got a firm grasp of what customers want and need. They’ve got special sales events they frequently run such as clearance sales and hot deals. With the right information, you could get discounts on laptops, TVs, refrigerators, and lots more. Also, The Good Guys discount codes or promo codes and coupons aren’t hard to find. We can get you started on the bargain finding path by giving you access to our catalogue and other promotional offers from this company. Once you receive these codes, you can redeem them by shopping and applying the relevant codes at checkout. Get ready to enjoy significant discounts so you fully enjoy your electrical shopping today. Trust us to give you a hand finding the best home appliances and other electronic deals from The Good Guys. Whether you're just moving into a new home or updating your home appliance list, The Good Guys can help you out. Just sit back, chill out, and check out the catalogue. Shop the available items at extremely low prices.

No One Gives Bad Gifts Anymore

Granted, it's often the thought that matters, but perhaps a little more thought could go into it before you give someone a gift? A great way to do this is to give them a Good Guys’ gift card. It's the perfect gift for any occasion. Take weddings, for instance, most people add several different home appliances to their registry. Unfortunately, they’re bound to end up with quite a few toasters. We’re not sure anyone likes toast that much. Do something different and give your friend a Good Guys’ gift card for their wedding and other celebrations. They’ve got a massive range of electrical products and appliances to choose from. You could also keep an eye out for gift card discounts. That way, you or your friend gets to save even more with the gift card. And don't forget to use the catalogue.

A Couple More Special Offers for You

Again, you're dealing with The Good Guys so you should expect these good tidings and more. A few offers seen from this company are Mother's Day specials, Easter sales, and lots more. These sales are different from the usual Daily Deals & Sales from The Good Guys. Chances are, if there's an ongoing celebration, The Good Guys will celebrate it. Then there's the useful Click-and-Collect to make shopping with them even more convenient for you. That’s a lot of good offers. This brand really can't go wrong. The Good Guys deals are all on the catalogue and up for grabs. Stay informed of the latest deals and receive as many discounts as possible. Simply subscribe to 1Catalogue so you don't miss out on any juicy offers from the brand.

About The Good Guys

The Good Guys is a consumer electronics retail chain store in Australia, and previously New Zealand. Its national headquarters is located in Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria. Mr Ian Muir was the original founder of the company, and after his death in 2008, ownership of the company remained within the Muir family. In September 2016, The Good Guys company was acquired by the JB Hi-Fi group, despite external competition concerns. JB Hi-Fi paid approximately AUD 880 million for the Good Guys enterprise.

The Good Guys working culture begins with every employee and every day acknowledging that they can make a difference to their customers by Doing Good. This working mantra is much more than just an ethical corporate responsibility – it is an integral DNA of working with the Good Guys.

The Good Guys' program - Doing Good - aims to improve the wellbeing of all Australians through initiatives, activities and businesses that have a strong desire to become eco-friendly with a sustainable impact. This program addresses several urging social problems while assisting those in the community who need that helping hand.

The entire Good Guys chain stores willingly participate in the Local Giving Program. Via this program, a percentage of every in-store and online transaction will be donated to those community organisations located nearby the store's local area. Every store regularly will support more than one charity, and they display what is called a token box, where consumers are urged to vote for their chosen charity by depositing a token - supplied with their purchase receipt - within a corresponding slot.