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Australia's Leading Online Pharmacy

With about 400 pharmacies being managed by Chemist Warehouse in Australia, you will agree that this is true. As a leading brand in health & wellness and beauty, despite the tough market and competition, it is clear Chemist Warehouse is out for business. Yet, they’re always putting the customers first. To do this, they make sure to operate ethically and provide only products approved for sale in Australia. Also, the pricing system and large volumes of trade are designed to help customers save the most. This is working out great for them.

We Prescribe a Healthy Dose of Chemist Warehouse’s Catalogue for You

Ever seen a pharmaceutical catalogue before? Well, let's tell you about the Chemist Warehouse catalogue. It features pages of information relevant to their products and some pretty sweet deals. So, you've got some wellness write-ups first and then several pages of products including beauty/skincare products, fragrances, body essentials, and a ton of medication. You'll be sure to find your prescription here as there are several medications available at Chemist Warehouse. You can get the full catalogue with updated products and valid offers at 1Catalogue. Check out our catalogue and get started shopping.

More Ways to Receive Discounts from Chemist Warehouse

Remember that pricing system we mentioned earlier? It's all in a bid to succeed in the face of competition. While it's often a tough pill for pharmaceutical companies to swallow, the truth is that most people would always go for the cheaper option. These companies know it and are always looking for ways to have the best prices in the market. Use this to advantage and find ways to receive discounts from Chemist Warehouse. You can use online tools to get discount from Chemist Warehouse. For instance, utilise the power of social media. Visit the social media pages of Chemist Warehouse and engage with them. You could follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook posts, and such. Chemist Warehouse often goes gives back to the people, so you could use this digital means to get a discount or a coupon code when available.

Honest Pricing Guaranteed

Thank goodness for the price match. With this, you’re not likely to get ripped off by any business or company. At Chemist Warehouse, there are even fewer chances of this happening seeing as a big part of their business strategy is implementing a customer-friendly price system. Regardless, they still allow you to make even more savings by giving you 10% off the difference if you find a cheaper price on their item. You can do this in-store or online. It is a little effort, but it will pay off when you get to save some dollars on your purchase.

Save, then Save Some More!

That's a lot of savings, but we’re sure you're not complaining. At Chemist Warehouse, there's always some product on sale. These products are categorized by type so it's easy and convenient for you to find. Depending on the company's choice of discount, you could save as much as 50% or even more on different items. You can also save money by enjoying the free delivery from Chemist Warehouse for any order over $50. A flat rate of $8.95 for orders under $50 is also very reasonable so you spend less money.

Australia's Cheapest Chemist

That's what it says on their website and we agree with them. With no special requirements, you could get up to 50% off prescriptions. It's also easy to shop and receive discounts from Chemist Warehouse. You just have to provide your prescription, either via post or by sending the electronic prescription. With Chemist Warehouse, buying prescription medication online is safe and easy.

Click-and-Collect – Available at Chemist Warehouse

If you're one of those who would spend so much time browsing through a store’s products before making a choice, then click-and-collect is for you. Stay in the comfort of your home and check out all the products you want on Chemist Warehouse. Then, go ahead and use the free click-and-collect service to shop online. Once your order is confirmed, you can pick it up in-store with minimal stress.

Where are These Stores Located?

Chemist Warehouse is the leading online pharmacy in Australia. The online store is great with a ton of products at very reasonable prices. Still, there are over 300 chemist Warehouse stores in Australia. Use the store locator on the website to find the one closest to you for your in-store shopping needs, then pick up your click-and-collect order. Sign up at 1Catalogue now and be assured of receiving the latest Chemist Warehouse catalogue and any updates available.

About Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse (or the Chemist Warehouse Group) is considered by consumers to be the market-leading internet pharmacy in Australia. The Chemist Warehouse group employs over 8,000 staff members and is Australia's largest pharmacy retail chain. The company brands itself as offering discounted prices for pharmaceutical goods.

The company has often been called "the Pharmacy McDonald's" and manages its complex franchise structure in order to (legally) bypass Australian statutes that restrict how many pharmacies a business can manage in any one sphere. The company's business formation permits it to manage about 400 pharmacies across Australia, comprising approximately 55 per cent of the total market share.

The business model employed by Chemist Warehouse is understood to require minimal equity finance, by unique pharmacists, who pre-agree to the trading terms performed across the entire business group. Individual pharmacists working under the Chemist Warehouse banner profit from the bulk purchasing strength that occurs by being a component of the overall company.

The company had an estimated revenue of AUD 2.5 billion in the financial year 2019–20, and the prestigious 'Inside Retail Magazine - Top 50 Most Powerful Retailers' list placed the original Chemist Warehouse founder - Mr. Sam Gance - at number 15.

Chemist Warehouse tout to provide tremendous savings on consumer chemist products due to their aggressive competitor pricing, and larger volumes of trade. Unlike their overseas chemist rivals, Chemist Warehouse refuses to stock any product that has not been formally approved for sale in Australia by the relevant local authorities.

Chemist Warehouse's key business objective is to enhance the customer's overall healthcare experience and needs using the most efficient and effective means, which results in significant savings to the consumer.