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Have Your Say

It is always a great idea to have a choice. This brand lets you have your say in every sense of the word. You’ll enjoy the liberty to make the choices that are perfect for you and your family. This Optus Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) lets you say all you have to in clear and crisp tones. This company offers a wide network coverage, flexible plans and excellent customer service. As a leading Aussie mobile phone operator company, Amaysim sure takes innovation seriously. At Amaysim, you choose what does the magic for you. There is a range to select from- mobile-only plans, data-only plans, or even the brand’s long expiry plans. You know what they say about the world being a global village. Make the most of Amaysim’s super-fast 4G (soon-to-be 5G) network to connect with our fellow global villagers across continents. Flash-speed internet connection will give a kick to your productivity. Amaysim has a wide reach across Australia. There are over 12,000 retail stores to get your SIM from and get started. You’re just a call away from love, life, business, and everything in between.

Stay Connected with 1Catalogue

At 1Catalogue, we bring you the latest plans and updates from this provider so you don’t miss out on the good stuff. You’ll find all the information about prepaid and postpaid billing and their SIM data plans. You’re a click away from subscribing here.

A Call to Save

For starters, pricing is comparatively fair. There is also free standard delivery for your SIM card. When you order online, it’ll get to you in two to ten business days at $0 for delivery. Take the time to explore Amaysim’s mobile phone plans to get the most out of the experience. Keep the phone lines open to get the best offers and data plans at giveaway prices. Hurry while offers last. You may also enjoy price slashes if you’re renewing a mobile phone plan for the first time. There are unlimited data plans to check out. Get your hands on all the promo codes you can find. You’ll be on your way to enjoying up to 40% off on your mobile phone plan, price slashes for larger bundles, starter credit or gift cards. Be sure to grab and apply these codes before they expire or become invalid.

As Free as A Bird

Don’t worry about feeling trapped by a provider. Amaysim lets you breathe. Literally. You’re free to cancel or opt-out as you wish at no added cost or extra charges. Scared of committing? You’ll likely be convinced after a trial. In the meantime, there is an As You Go plan designed for you till you are ready to put a ring on it. You’ll also enjoy a 365-day expiry on credit and a $10 starter credit.

The More the Merrier

With a full house, bills can shoot through the roof. There’s love in sharing and it saves money too. In the long run, you find Amaysim’s family plan to be a better buy. Saved some extra cash from this move? Stock up on some extra groceries! You can rake in some major savings by going for bulkier data or SIM-only plans. It may seem like a lot initially but it's worth it in the long run.

Help is At Your Doorstep

As a humane brand, Amaysim recognises that human conversation via calls or texts is important. They also recognise that downtimes don't only happen to servers. Your finances may have taken a downward spiral but there's no need to fret. Amaysim’s Financial Hardship Policy is a literal lifeline to stay connected even when you’re in the red. With a team of compassionate staff, you’ll navigate the terms, conditions, and paperwork for accessing this credit facility. You should begin by reaching out to the Amaysim Financing hardship team by calling. You’ll be required to fill out a financial hardship application form that sets the ball rolling. You can mail, email, or fax this form back. The credit services will consider your application by taking a look at your unique situation, earnings, and debts. Don’t worry about your business getting out. Amaysim has the highest regard for maintaining your privacy. Your request will be processed within seven days from the submission of the form. A suitable plan is then worked out with your community financial counsellor and Amaysim to allow you to continue to get their services while you recover.

Special Discounts

Although these are not available all the time, you can access a student discount by verifying your status with a UNiDAYS account. This will come in handy on your Surf the Net days. You'll have more than enough for both research and socials. You’re in for up to 50% off on data plans. Check out our website at for information on any available discounts. You could also just sign up for our newsletter to be notified via email once any discount, offer, or catalogue from Amaysim drops.