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Find Just About Every Item You Need at Kogan

If you’ve got a grocery list stuck to your fridge that you take down to the store every weekend, then kudos. You’ve got one part of the homemaking figured out. The next part is managing your finances while still making sure you're able to buy every item on that list. You’ll need a little help here and that's where Kogan comes in. Kogan Australia is that retail chain that has just about everything you need for your house, school, vehicle, and lots more in stock at amazing prices. It actually goes far beyond your grocery list, which is great! There’s more! Kogan is extremely pocket-friendly. This isn't just about how cheap their items are (but they are! super cheap!). It's also about all the avenues at Kogan that’ll make sure you receive discounts and save money when you shop with them. Be sure to use the Kogan catalogue available at 1Catalogue to shop.

The Best Way to Save Money When You Shop with Kogan

Kogan stores are highly versatile. In addition to the huge variety of items they sell, they also have massive discounts, offering you the opportunity to make big savings. To view all the amazing deals and offers from Kogan, you’ll need the online catalogue from this brand. This catalogue is full of weekly deals and specials where the items are heavily discounted. You’ll need to check the catalogue regularly to keep up-to-date with the latest deals as well as the newest items available at Kogan. It's also smart to shop at Kogan when you’re short on time because you will find what you're looking for and save yourself the stress of searching different places. Just about everything from tech gadgets to homewares, clothing, groceries and lots more can be found here. You should subscribe to 1Catalogue so we’ll send you any available Kogan catalogue as soon as it's released.

Kogan – An ‘All-You-Can-Eat’ Type of Retail Store

We can't think of a better way to describe this store. The departments at Kogan are numerous and fully stocked. The product categories available here include TV, Computers, Phones, Cameras, Appliances, Heating & Cooling, Home & Garden, Babies, Furniture, Fashion, Automotive, Groceries, and lots more. There’s also the “Kogan Essentials”. Here, you can get a host of services in the following categories – Mobile, Internet, Insurance, Trade-In, Money, Energy, and Cars. Ultimately, there's a lot you could do with this brand. Don't miss out on any of them. Be sure to scroll through the online catalogue so you can make the most of your shopping and other Kogan services.

Receive Even More Discounts from Kogan

If you’re looking for ways to receive discounts from Kogan, then you’ve come to the right place. First is the Kogan Catalogue. Trust us, it’s the easiest way to save money at Kogan. You could also wait for Kogan sales events where items are highly discounted for you. There are regular sales events at Kogan, but nothing beats the warehouse clearance sales. You could get a whopping 70% off during these sales. Be on the lookout for a massive range of hugely discounted items including appliances such as LED smart TVs, bread makers, side-by-side fridges, and lots more. These items sell fast and stocks don't last for very long so you've got to be fast. We can notify you of these sales so you don't have to miss out on any of them. Simply visit 1Catalogue and subscribe to get started. Other than the clearance sales, there's also the Kogan Hot Deals to help you save. With the right voucher codes, you could save on mobile prepaid plans or even get unlimited calls and texts. The same goes for other items where you can shop and still save. And for selected products, you could get free shipping to your location. To ensure you’re eligible for all these deals and to enjoy other exclusive perks, become a Kogan First Member. With a ton of member rewards, discounts, and specials up for grabs, you'll be glad you did.

Shop, Save, Share and Repeat

This is a pretty good plan to follow at Kogan’s. We've established that you can save a lot of money when you shop at Kogan. Best believe you’ll still save even when you’re shopping for gifts. You could get your loved ones and friends a gift from Kogan for that special occasion. It also helps that you’ll most likely find a discount or promo code to use on such special occasions (such as mother's Day) at Kogan. You could also just get them a Kogan gift card so they can make their choice from the wide variety of options available at Kogan. For just $20 to $500, you will get that special someone a Kogan eGift card that will be delivered immediately to them via email. Throw in a 1Catalogue subscription to help them save money on the gift card for even more items. Go on and visit 1Catalogue here, then subscribe to receive the latest Kogan Catalogue and discover all the sweet deals on it. You’ll also get to enjoy tailored deals, exclusive content, and regular discounts.

About Kogan

Kogan.com is a collection or portfolio of Australian services and retail businesses, that include Kogan Retail (which is the amalgamation of the DickSmith.com.au and Kogan.com retail eCommerce websites), and that also comprises the following:
• Kogan Health,
• Kogan Marketplace,
• Kogan Pet Insurance,
• Kogan Internet,
• Kogan Life Insurance
• Kogan Insurance,
• Kogan Mobile, and
• Kogan Travel.

The Kogan.com company was independently founded by Ruslan Kogan in 2006.

Kogan reached AUD 3 million in revenue sales in its third year, which was followed by AUD 8 million in the fourth. By its seventh year, it had over AUD 200 million in revenue. Kogan now sells more than AUD one million of its products every single day, with business growth rates between 250 per cent and 350 per cent a year since its inception.

In 2014, Kogan.com began its first private and exclusive brand beyond consumer electronics. This initiative was named 'Fortis'. Not long afterwards, Kogan.com obtained and acquired the entire Dick Smith Holdings's online and physical retail business. All physical/ bricks-n-mortar Dick Smith retail stores were systematically decommissioned, with only the Dick Smith brand name digitally transformed to an online-only consumer electronics retail channel.

Nowadays, Kogan employs upwards of 210,000 employees globally, and they own several subsidiary companies such as Matt Blatt Pty Ltd, Mighty Ape, Kogan Operations Holdings Pty Ltd, and Dick Smith IP Holdings Pty Ltd.