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Say Hello to Fresh Food Every Day

Sometimes, you're not just in the mood for fast food. However, a quick look through your fridge will show you there’s no better option. It doesn't have to be that way. Make it a habit to shop at Spudshed and watch things take a turn for the better. At Spudshed, you've got a huge selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and other grocery products to choose from. These products are locally grown and sold at affordable prices. A week's worth of groceries from Spudshed are highly affordable and would remain fresh at home. Go on and shop at Spudshed with the online catalogue to ensure you save even more money here.

Tons of Offers Available on the Spudshed Catalogue

Spudshed is Australian-owned so you can find your favourite local groceries and more on this catalogue. The stores are not just popular for selling the freshest items, they’re also known for having highly reasonable price tags. Regardless of its already low price, Spudshed takes things further with even cheaper prices and heavy discounts on the Spudshed online catalogue. You can subscribe to 1Catalogue, let's make this easier and more convenient for you. Every new Spudshed special is always published here so you don't miss out on any of them.

Hot Deals from Spudshed

When it comes to hot grocery deals, no one does it better. Everyone can take advantage of these deals. The brand is dedicated to providing fresh and affordable products to Australians all over the country. On that note, you can find special discounted items in a wide range of categories such as fruits and veggies. Also find juicy deals on all sorts of meats such as steak, chicken fillet, bacon, and lots more. With Spudshed, you can also find discounts and make great savings on baby products, frozen foods, liquor, and other items. Stock your pantry with chocolate, bread, cheese, pastries, and lots more at very cheap prices. The online Spudshed catalogue will guide you, so, be sure to browse through it first.

Spudshed also offers Weekly Specials In-Store

It's not a Spudshed special if it's not frequent, value-filled, and accessible to all. While you can't shop online at Spudshed yet, you can definitely find amazing Spudshed specials online. Visit the Spudshed website and input your location to find specials specially made for you! You can also pull up the catalogue on your phone when you are in the store to make sure you don't miss out on any deals. The best part – you’ll find deals on every aisle and every category of products here.

1Catalogue – Here to Help You Save at Spudshed

At 1Catalogue, we've gathered all current Spudshed promotions and offers. These offers are currently valid so now would be a good time to get in on some of the action. If you miss any of them and the item goes out of stock or the offers expire, don’t worry, we can still help you. You can rely on us to update our collection with the next set of Spudshed catalogues and offers. Once we have it, you'll be the first to receive it right in your inbox. Other than deals, promotions, and offers, you can also find out about Spudshed store locations, opening hours, and contact information from this catalogue. Make sure to sign up at 1Catalogue to receive all this information.

Prep for Your Grocery Shopping

Turns out meal preps are not the only kinds of prep you can do in your kitchen. To prepare properly for your grocery shopping, you need to know where you can find the next offers at Spudshed. This will work out rather well for you, especially if you’re the weekly grocery shopping kind. For the next week's offers at Spudshed, you can get them via the online catalogue from the supermarket. It doesn't matter if it's a buy one get one free offer or a half-price discount, it's all available on the Spudshed catalogue. Also, if you've got an item on your grocery list that you don't exactly need immediately, you can check if there are any deals on it next week and get it then instead. Ultimately, try not to shop at Spudshed without browsing through the latest catalogue or checking out the offers that will be available next.

Become a Spudshed Member and Save Some Extra Money

All Spudshed stores in Australia will help you save some extra cash when you become a member. Join the Spudshed supermarket family and you can start saving big with special discounts and offers from the store. These offers are available on groceries, meat, fresh foods, and other groceries. Go ahead and join this program now to enjoy all the benefits. To have the Spudshed catalogue and other deals sent to your inbox, head on over to 1Catalogue and subscribe.

About Spudshed

Spudshed is an independent supermarket retail chain based in Western Australia, growing, and selling products such as fruit, vegetables, general groceries, and certain meat products. Spudshed was originally established by Anthony Galati and his brothers, and all of the stores are owned and managed by the entire Galati family. The family business reported total sales revenues of AUD 40 million in 2020.

The very first Spudshed store was opened back in late 1998, with the business eventually expanding to sixteen retail stores spanning across the metropolitan Perth area. Most of Spudshed's retail stores operate 24 hours per day and are amongst the only food supermarkets in WA to do so.

Spudshed has slowly evolved to become a highly respected food-business producer in Western Australia. The Galati family business has a passion for producing quality, regionally grown produce, and they prominently maintain that food shopping should be affordable for all families in Western Australia.

The Galati business philosophy is simple and uncomplicated: self-grow, package and sell fresh produce that your customers want, and trade them at retail prices where the cost of a weekly shop is affordable - for all families living in Perth. Despite a thriving business, the company's essence has not changed, with the majority of the products they sell directly originating from the Galati family-owned and operated farms.

Nowadays, Spudshed has its corporate headquarters located in Jandakot, a southern suburb in Perth, Western Australia. There are sixteen business locations in Western Australia, and Spudshed employs approximately 1,100 staff.