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Paying for Your Utilities Has Never Been Easier

Dodo is a top company in Australia well known for providing value-filled mobile and internet plans and also for its strong footing in the energy industry. These services are necessary for a functional home and office. Rather than having different entities handle them, it's more efficient (and often cheaper) for you to have one company handle these. Chances are you're more likely to enjoy unified communications across all your channels here. To make the most of Dodo services, browse through the online catalogue and make your pick of the numerous offers available.

A New Beginning

The Dodo bird might be extinct but this Dodo has got big plans for new relationships. If you switch your internet to Dodo, you get to enjoy one month of free internet...on the house! By the time you're done surfing the net for free, you will probably want more. Good thing there's more. Switch to Dodo electricity and get two additional months of free internet. If you’re worried about making the switch, it's super simple and can be done online. There is more to this offer – $10 per month off your internet bill! New customers are definitely in luck here. Check out the catalogue for more information.

Go Mobile

Browse through the catalogue for all the mobile plans available at Dodo. There are several plans to suit all customers. Typical mobile plans and offers at Dodo give you unlimited national calls and text as well as unlimited international texts and some extra data. The exact figures depend on the plan you choose when you order your SIM. The largest plan for 40GB gets you unlimited national calls and texts, unlimited international texts, extra data at $5/GB and 200 minutes to selected countries. Terms and conditions apply. Sign up for this deal and you get 50% off the two months. Afterwards, it costs $30 per month – still highly reasonable and value-filled. You could miss out on such offers if you don't have access to the latest Dodo catalogue. You can find this catalogue at 1Catalogue. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll notify you of any new offers available at Dodo.

There's Something for Everybody

If you're already a Dodo customer, don't think the offers are only available for new customers. Far from it. There are a ton of amazing offers and deals just for you here.

Bundle Deals at Dodo

Remember our advice to have one company handle your utilities, well, with Dodo bundle deals it just got easier. This offers you everything in one place and you can manage all your accounts and bills with it. While you could easily sign up for just gas at Dodo, you will miss out on the exciting bundle deals here. Instead, sign up for electricity and NBN at Dodo to receive three months of free internet. At the end of the 3 months, the chip-in discount at Dodo will kick in and you will receive $5 off every month on your bills. Also, save up to $120 a year on internet services by bundling your dodo internet with the right energy products.

Curious About the Chip-In Discounts at Dodo?

You should be! If you are in search of cheaper utilities, Dodo has got you covered. Other than the $5 chip-in discounts that come with the bundle deals at Dodo, you can also enjoy more discounts here. For instance, use Dodo electricity and gas to save $10 per month on your NBN bill. At Dodo, the more you switch to the right plans, the more you save. Find all the information you need on these right plans at Dodo’s website. Check out the online catalogue now.

Lower Energy Bills

Dodo offers a wide range of payment assistance options to help you save on its services. For instance, you could check out the Dodo concession information to find out if you're eligible for your State Government’s support to reduce your energy bill. This typically comes in form of concessions and rebates that help reduce these costs. Every deal at Dodo with any kind of offer attached or one where you will be eligible for offers can be found on the catalogue. It's easy to get lost in all the information on the website. Instead, you should use the catalogue to have a clearer picture. That way, you are less likely to miss out on any offers at Dodo. Visit our website at and sign up for our newsletter. We’ll be sure to notify you of any new deals at Dodo and also send you the latest catalogue.