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A Little Pick-Me-Up for the Day

The Coffee Club is truly the perfect blend of casual, comfortable, sophisticated and affordable. Birthed from a desire for a great cup of coffee, the business has grown into one of Australia's favourite coffee places and restaurants. We understand that sometimes words cannot espresso how much that perfect cup of coffee means to you, at The Coffee Club, they’ve got you! You can have more than a robustly flavoured and nice tasting cup of coffee. You can also enjoy tasty food from the menu and the ambience of the restaurant. All these will come at a very affordable price. Use the online catalogue from the brand and you can get even more for less. Visit 1Catalogue and check the latest catalogue from The Coffee Club for any special offers and deals from the cafe.

The Coffee Club Menu

The menu here is simple yet powerful. The cafe isn't big on complicated items with little essence. Instead, every item on the all-day, evening, and drive-thru menu deserves to be there. There are brekkie burgers, bacon and eggs, pulled beef sandwiches, gourmet burgers, steak and lots more on the menu. Of course, you're probably waiting to hear about the coffee menu. Whether in-restaurant or via drive-thru, purchase a steaming cup of espresso, cappuccino, chai latte and even some premium tea and hot chocolate. If you're more of a coffee person, there's something for you on the menu. For all these menu items, you can choose your preferred size and extras at amazing prices. Check out the catalogue at 1Catalogue for any offers that can help you receive discounts from The Coffee Club. If you subscribe to our newsletter at 1Catalogue, then you can rely on us to send new catalogues from the cafe straight to your inbox.

Lots of Perks to Enjoy

Other than the best brew you've ever had and delicious food, there are also a lot of perks that come from being a customer at The Coffee Club. We're talking about promotional offers that can help you make the most of your time here. During promotions at The Coffee Club, you could get your hands on some vouchers that you can redeem when you visit the cafe. Whether it's a discount on your favourite cup of coffee or an extra side to go with your meal, we highly recommend getting your hands on any valid vouchers from the brand. These could get you a two-for-one burger deal, an upsize and other great perks to enjoy. Enjoy them! Browse through the latest catalogue from the brand to see if there's anyone available. If so, check the validity period and plan your next trip to The Coffee Club so you can redeem that offer before the window closes.

Join the VIP Club

The Coffee Club is good to all its customers but if you join the VIP Club, then you can find out just how good the brand can be. All you have to do is sign up to start reaping the benefits. First on the list - free coffee when you sign up. Then you can earn other rewards every time you purchase an item worth a selected price here. Terms and conditions apply. There are also other available offers for members such as complimentary upsizes, buy one get one free coffee deals, and other bonus deals to enjoy. To make the most of this club, you should download the Rewards App. It’s available on Google Play and the App Store. Members can enjoy more from the club through the app so be sure to check it out. Don't forget to browse through the latest online catalogue from The Coffee Club even as a VIP member. You could find some member-exclusive offers that'll be great for you in the catalogue so check it out. Subscribe to our newsletter at 1Catalogue to have a constant supply of the best deals from the brand.

A Thoughtful Gift

You can sponsor your loved ones’ visit to The Coffee Club with an affordable gift card. There are digital gift cards and physical gift cards you can purchase, giving you several convenient options. You could also make it a little more gift-like by adding a personalized message for the recipients. Purchase a gift card here and send it to your loved ones so they can have a swell time at The Coffee Club. You could also place a large order, especially as a corporate customer here. These gift cards give you the best value for your money when used in conjunction with the online catalogue so be sure to check that out.