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An Unending List of Options to Choose from

IGA is a community of independent businesses and brands that take the spirit of community to the next level in the retail business. IGA stores have placed local Australian communities at the forefront of their dealings, with a focus on supporting local businesses. This only lends credence to its exclusivity status. Also, IGA promotes local suppliers and products. Check out the specials on IGA and be treated to an exclusive collection of products you won't find at any other supermarket. That’s the IGA way – working hard to stock unique and local products. Check out your local IGA to find out what they've got in store for you.

A Special Kind of Catalogue

You’re probably used to seeing store catalogues with some great deals on different products on 1Catalogue. Now, for an even more encompassing catalogue, you’ll have to check out our IGA catalogue. With a wide variety of stores providing different goods to customers, you can expect an equally expansive catalogue with all the best deals. Most of the IGA stores offer catalogues with their products so it’s convenient for you to browse through these products. Think of the catalogue like a map to guide you through the maze of stores and products that make up IGA. For access to these catalogues and the amazing deals that come with them, check out the latest IGA catalogue at 1Catalogue.

Weekly Deals and Specials to Get You Started

With IGA, grocery shopping or just shopping, in general, becomes less of a chore and more of a fun activity you look forward to all week. IGA stores have amazing weekly deals and specials for you to enjoy. All you have to do is check the IGA website and find out which IGA stores are participating in those deals. Afterwards, all that's left is for you to pick out your desired products and purchase them.

IGA Shop Online

IGA stores are numerous. We’re talking over 1,400 stores in Australia. Of course, you won't have any problem finding stores that are a part of this brand in the country. But sometimes, it's simply more convenient to shop online. Well, good news, IGA has expanded its online store network so there are more local areas in Australia covered by IGA. All you have to do is register to shop online. IGA will direct your order to your local IGA store so your order will be completed. With IGA Shop, hundreds of independently-owned IGA stores offer home delivery services to customers across Australia. Also, more than 1,800 items have been added to the store for you to choose from. Check the IGA store for special offers and deals you could benefit from. As you well know, a great way to maximize your online shopping is with online catalogues. So, sign up to 1Catalogue and get all updated IGA catalogues with the best prices sent to your inbox.

The Ultimate Gift Cards

Think about it, an IGA gift card is not just a gift card. It is several stores’ gift cards all rolled into one. We would say it's well worth the price of between $30 and $400 per card. However, only participating IGA stores redeem the gift card.

Win Big with IGA

Ever heard of IGA competitions? They’re easy and highly rewarding. Simply shop at IGA and potentially win amazing prizes by entering the competition. The prices you win vary depending on the store offering the competition. You could even win an IGA gift card! That will be fun. You don't have to give someone else this gift card, you could just redeem it yourself. You can find these exciting offers from the IGA online store.

Make the Best of Promotions

Despite the stores being owned independently and the resultant need to find participating stores for various deals, you can still make the most of promotions from this brand. All vouchers, discount codes, and coupons you get can be used to significantly up your shopping game. With so many stores and products available, there is no shortage of options for you to choose from. For instance, you could check out IGA Liquor for available promotions. All you have to do is purchase from any of the participating IGA liquor stores. Once you get your code, you can enter it to win any of the available prizes.

Top-Notch Organisational Skills

It’s certainly not easy dealing with so many stores in one, but somehow, IGA makes it look easy. Perhaps their high level of organisational skills plays a huge part in this. On your part, you could avoid getting lost in all that activity by letting IGA help you. Subscribe to the IGA newsletter and receive news, recipes, and more delivered straight to your inbox. That way, you get to navigate the marketplace better. One common theme in all IGA stores is that the best way to save on your shopping is with the use of online catalogues to get the best deals. That's where we come in. At 1Catalogue, we’ve got valid IGA catalogues that are updated frequently for your shopping needs. Check this out to get started.

About IGA

IGA - which is an acronym for the Independent Grocers of Australia - comprises a network of approximately 1,400 family-owned and independent businesses that provide products for consumers at the centre of local communities across all of Australia - supporting local producers, suppliers, and charities wherever practically possible.

IGA is owned and controlled by Metcash, however each individual IGA store is independently owned and managed. Its chief competitors are Coles, Woolworths, and Aldi Süd. They are the fourth-largest grocery chain, considering Aldi overhauled Metcash in overall supermarket revenues. In 2020 it was proclaimed that IGA had approximately 8 per cent of the consumer grocery market.

In the United States, the Independent Grocers Alliance has upwards of 6,000 stores across over 30 countries. The IGA retail concept was brought to Australia in 1988 by Davids Holdings. He initially commissioned ten stores that became members of Australia's IGA.

The number of stores IGA stores in Australia appears to fluctuate as independently owned stores tend to suddenly close, re-open, or are outright sold and rebranded outside of the IGA.

Several IGA stores were acquired from different brands such as Coles or Woolworths when they themselves shut down stores. Likely due to their own acquisitions of more modest brands during the significant rationalisation industry period of the 2000s.

Under the IGA brand name, there are a wide variety of stores selling different goods to consumers - ranging from small corner and convenience stores, retail liquor stores, and larger full-service grocery stores. For a brief time period of time, IGA owned several stores in New Zealand, after corporate mergers.