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Woolworths promises quality and delivers beyond that. Great deals and offers that are well worth it make this brand a favourite among Australians. To make the most of your retail experience with the brand, you need to stay informed and keep up with all the trends, as well as the classics. Woolworths’ catalogue offers a variety of great offers that make shopping fun and productive. It does this through the following means – Providing an increased value of products at great prices Attracting new customers with sales Providing loyalty discounts for existing customers. It is one positive cycle after another. At 1Catalogue, we've compiled a few great ways you can receive Woolworths' discounts for a more positive shopping experience.

Woolworths Weekly Ad

Leave it to Woolworths to make your weekly shopping a great one. Think of it like a “Watch this deal” option, only this time, it's every week. With Woolworths weekly ads, you have access to the latest weekly specials from the brand. If you'd like to save some extra cash with the weekly deals available using Woolworths' brochures, then you’re at the right place.

Woolworths Catalogue

If you’re a frequent shopper, then you've probably figured out just how useful catalogues can be. Finding the right one isn't always a walk in the park. No worries. We’ve got you covered. We've got the latest Woolworths specials with comprehensive, up-to-date Woolworths catalogues. To find the best items at the best prices and deals available, browse our vast collection of Woolworths' catalogues and start saving now.

Woolworths Gift Cards

This is one of the smartest ways to make the best of your shopping. By buying a Woolworths gift card, you're giving yourself the gift that keeps on giving. After all, it doesn't get any better than getting to treat yourself to something you truly enjoy, whenever you want it.

Woolworths Rewards

Woolworths is all about the people. While great effort goes into getting new customers, regular customers are the MVPs, so, they’re treated as such. Incentives abound here. You can receive points on the dollar if you shop at designated Woolworths stores and their partners. There are also Reward Cards available. With Woolworths rewards, you can rest assured of potentially high savings.

Woolworths Discounts

Now, this is a popular one – Woolworths 10% discount. This is a 10% discount every month on both in-store and online shopping. This offer is up to a value of $500 in a single transaction which translates to a maximum of $50 discount. $50 off? That's a pretty good deal! To not miss out, check out our website for more details. If you're a Woolworths credit Card Customer, you can even choose when to redeem this offer. All you have to do is link your Everyday Rewards Card to your shop online account before you shop. Once you're done shopping, you can easily apply the discount code to redeem your 10% offer. Otherwise, you could also use the promo code for another shop during the offer period.

Woolworths Coupons

Coupons – don't you just love them? One of the easiest saving strategies out there, coupons have stood the test of time. If you were going to purchase an item, why not do so while saving a bit? Worth it and Woolworths knows that. That's why they've got no shortage of available coupons. Some coupons get you free delivery while others take some cash off your bill. For instance, get $10 off when you spend $100 at Woolworths this month with the right coupon. Another coupon could get you 30 days of free delivery if you sign up for Delivery Unlimited. Sounds good, yes? Check out our collection of available and verified Woolworths coupons.

Woolworths Promotion

“Buy-two-get-one-free” might just be the frequent shopper's favourite phrase, and for good reason. Buying two or more to get an extra one or even some extra cash is a good deal, one you should take any chance you get. With Woolworths, the chances are numerous. With Woolworths “buy more save more” offer, you get your money's worth. And it doesn't end there, promo codes are numerous. For instance, you're entitled to $10 off your first online order. There is also a half-price special of 50% off groceries and household items. Then, there’s free delivery, which is one offer everyone enjoys. At Woolworths, you can get free shipping on your first grocery order over $100 and lots more.

Woolworths Newsletter

Don't just stop after a taste of the good stuff. Sign up for the newsletter and get first-hand information on the juiciest deals, straight to your inbox. This includes updates about products and services, promotions, special offers, as well as other relevant news and events. Also, you're entitled to a few free samples along the line! And there you have it! Great ways you can optimize your Woolworths shopping. To fully enjoy Woolworths and maximize the shopping experience, go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll be sure to keep you informed on all the latest Woolworths catalogues and offers.

About Woolworths

Woolworths Corporation is an Australian retail chain of supermarkets and grocery stores that are owned and managed by The Woolworths Group. Initially founded in 1925, Woolworths is considered today to be one of Australia's largest supermarket retail chains, with a combined market share of approximately 35% as of late 2020.

Woolworths Limited - which is colloquially called "Woolies" by most Australians - is now known as The Woolworths Group; it was founded by five local business entrepreneurs. Their very first retail store was inaugurated in December 1925, in Pitt Street Sydney, and specifically within Sydney's Imperial Arcade. It was originally branded as "Woolworths Stupendous Bargain Basement Store".

Following the successful opening of the first store, surprisingly, there was minimal interest to expedite the growth of the brand. However, as successful trading continued, shareholders induced additional capital into the business, and the company's dividends increased dramatically from 5% to 55% in only its third operational year.

Woolworths specialises and concentrates on providing all types of groceries, magazines, beauty and health products, general household products, baby goods, baby supplies, and all forms of stationery.

Towards the end of 2020, there were approximately 990 Woolworths branded supermarkets, and about 65 Woolworths Metro convenience branded stores. Woolworths' online e-commerce channel is branded as "click and collect", and they provide home delivery services for those customers of Woolworths supermarkets.

Nowadays, Woolworths has reported gross revenues upwards of AUD 42.5 billion, and they employ approximately 215,000 staff across their retail stores and head office (note: these are year 2020 figures).