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Time to Hit Your Shopping Target!

Whatever your shopping needs are, this Australian retail chain is willing and most likely able to help you with them. Target has a wide selection of clothing, cosmetics, home essentials, electronics, and lots more. Perhaps you’ve just moved or your home needs some TLC – Target to the rescue! Check out the vast selection of homewares, bathroom essentials, and kitchenware. From bed linen to wine glasses, all these and more can be yours without any need to break the bank.

Target Catalogue – Bull’s Eye!

The catalogue from Target is well known in Australia for having the latest items and trendy stuff, especially in the fashion industry, at unbelievably low prices. One can hardly keep up with the sheer number of great stuff without requiring the help of trusty catalogues. Target targets everyone in their catalogue. Every couple of weeks, a new catalogue is released, filled with items that will speak to different groups of people. With Target, you can rest assured of not easily running out of items to peruse on this catalogue. From local branch to top brands such as Russell Hobbs, LEGO, PS4, NutriBullet, and so much more, this catalogue is a party you can't get enough of. Be sure to check out our catalogue for all Target specials and regularly updated information on products on sale. The current catalogue and offers from Target are available at 1Catalogue.

Making the Most of Your Shopping Experience

To make the most of your shopping, be it for groceries or the latest fashion pieces, you need help saving some money. When it comes to shopping and saving, promotions are your best bet. This could be in form of sales events, discount codes, vouchers, promo codes, or coupons. If it offers a percentage off on the cost of a product, then it's worth considering. Fortunately, Target has no shortage of codes and such you could use to save. To find discount codes, you’ll have to check their website for any available offers. These offers are usually time-based and may require some extra effort on your part. It’s usually something as simple as signing up for the Target newsletter to get a unique promo code in your inbox. Be sure to check out the various offers available. Other than that, there are other ways to find discounts on Target. Generally, there are websites out there that work with retailers and brands to aggregate sales and codes. However, you must be wary of fake websites and promotions that claim to give Target codes and discounts. Check out 1Catalogue for genuine offers. You could check out 1Catalogue for any available specials, offers, and deals from the retail Giants in Australia.

The Gift of Choice

With Target gift cards, you’re sure to give someone a gift they will truly appreciate as they can make their choice on what to get for themselves. You could purchase them in-store or online from Target as either digital or physical gift cards. They can be redeemed at any Target or Target Country Store in Australia. You could also pick one or two up for yourself. Gift cards are just another great way of receiving a discount or at least saving a little extra cash. While checking for offers and deals from Target, keep an eye out for gift card offers. You could find one that gives you at least 10% off on gift cards. That's great value for your money, anytime, any day.

Walking Down the Aisles...

…of the neatly arranged and well-organized Target stores. With about 280 stores in Australia, finding one or two to shop in shouldn't be too hard. With an assorted range of products and great price offers, shopping at Target is a fun way to get through your shopping list with enough room made for spontaneous buys. And why not? All that money saved from special offers should be able to crop you a few choice items. It doesn't have to be in-store only. You could also shop at Target online. The website is well-organized and easy to navigate with all items categorised for your ease. There is also click-and-collect options to make life even easier for you. With Target, there’s no missing the mark. The click and collect option is particularly helpful here. You could simply go online, browse through the available products, check out online, and collect your order in store. If you're looking for a great way to shop and receive discounts from Target, then sign up for the online Target catalogue from 1Catalogue today.

About Target

The Target corporation account began in 1925 when business partners, Alex McKenzie and George Lindsay decided to open a fabric and textile store in Geelong, Victoria. The store initially stocked simple dress fabrics, furnishings, and basic Manchester. George Lindsay's business mantra was based on the discount principle - 'if you decide to acquire half the profit, you will experience twice the amount of turnover'.

After being acquired by local businessmen in Geelong, the original business further grew utilising George Lindsay's original retail discount philosophy, from a single store to multiple multi-goods stores state-wide.

Target is immensely proud to be associated with over four hundred local communities across all of Australia, with their retail stores conveniently positioned in regional and metropolitan areas.

Nowadays, Target provides its consumers with an assorted range of products and stock - including women's fashion, clothing for men and children, all types of underwear, general footwear, women's cosmetics, and accessories. The most modern homeware designs, including bed linen, Manchester, electrical appliances, and a comprehensive range of games, toys, and entertainment.

Target is considered Australia's biggest department store retail chain, according to store numbers - operating upwards of 280 stores nationwide. The Target division employs over 14,000 staff members, across Australia, and they have a product acquisition presence in South East Asia, and the company's national support and head office is situated in Williams Landing, Melbourne.

Despite having a similar business logo and name, Target Australia bears no relation to the United States discount retailer - Target Corporation.